Fourcast! 01: Saved by the Cowl

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We took the plunge and recorded the inaugural 4thletter! Fourcast! this weekend. Esther and I sat down in my apartment and talked about comics for a while, and our gift to you is thirty-four minutes and five seconds of good stuff. I’m not 100% happy with the mix, as there are a few audio peaks spread throughout, but we can work those out as we go along.

We’re looking at a biweekly schedule for now, and bringing in a few surprise guest stars down the line. We also need to rope Gavin into the mix, but that’s a problem for another day.

We begin the first of many Fourcasts with a talk about Batman: Battle for the Cowl, Final Crisis Aftermath: Dance starring the Super Young Team, and what character really hooked us into comics.

If you want to subscribe, hit up the podcast-specific RSS feed or grab the normal one. Tell your friends, give us an iTunes review or three, and drop us some comments. If you want to subscribe on iTunes, click here! If you have suggestions or want to donate some music… drop me an email.

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17 comments to “Fourcast! 01: Saved by the Cowl”

  1. great first outing!! i had a blast listening to it. 🙂

  2. Doing a 4L podcast without me is like doing Speed 2 without Keanu.

  3. […] in Uncategorized | by sean witzke David Brothers and Esther Inglis-Arkell have recorded their first podcast, mostly about teens in comics and Battle for the Cowl. It’s good, you’ll like it, check […]

  4. @Gavok: I do speed all the time and Keanu is never around.

  5. Loved it folks…there were many times when I laughed and thought to myself, “Man I thought I was the only one that felt that way.”

  6. @Supersaijinkyle: Thanks man. Now that we’ve done it once, it’ll undoubtedly get easier and better as time goes on.

  7. @david brothers: Though by coincidence, you buy your speed from Alex Winter.

  8. That was really good. Both of your voices are actually quite pleasant to listen to. I’ve all but given up on podcasts thanks to the whiny, high pitched voices most casters seem to have, but I’ll listen to this one as long as you make them. The no frills, conversational approach is pretty nice.

  9. Very good stuff. Highly entertaining and made me laugh several times.

  10. Yeah, good stuff! Despite having nothing to do with comics I read/want to read it was entertaining and interesting. Which is surely positive, no?

  11. Really enjoyed that, and am looking forward to listening to the next instalment.

  12. Thanks everybody!

  13. Definitely enjoyed listening to it which surprised me since I’m not too big on podcasts. You two have a pretty good rapport with one another and like Dark Smoke Puncher said, you guys actually have voices that don’t make listening to it a chore. Only real suggestion I can think of is maybe some intro/outro music but other than that, it was pretty good.

  14. hermanos has such a lovely manvoice.

  15. I’ll chime in with the thanks!

  16. Please, Esther, back away from the mic more. You seem to be the only one giving horrid feedback at times, and overall you’re good, but DAMN I had to turn this down after the first couple of spikes.

  17. This was really good. Took me forever to get the time to run it, but it was worth the wait. You both have great rapport, and you’re funny — especially Esther, this time. I want more.

    Advice: Yeah, keep Esther however far from the mic David was. Also, half-hour-plus? I think that’s a little long. This was good quality nonstop, all the way through, but I’d still think it’d be more digestible to more people if you cut it at least by half.

    [suggestion: to make the most of the trouble of setting up the recording session, do 15 minutes on new comics and then do a separate 15 min. on something timeless (i.e., old) that can run in the in-between weeks but not seem any less fresh for the delay, thus creating a weekly podcast for the same effort]

    Or just keep doing this. I really enjoyed it.