Final Edit Week 5: Day Six

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We’re almost done with yet another week of this awful Morrison mind-scramble crap. God, what a hack. Between this and his Seven Soldiers run, I don’t even get why the man gets any work. Did you even read his New X-Men run a few years back? The guy who followed him was SOOOO much better.

But enough about that. Yesterday’s update saw some incomprehensible garbage involving Rubik’s Cubes and Metron as a tard. I don’t know, Final Crisis sucks. Let’s move forward!

As always, thanks to david “hermanos” brothers for helping me with this. He wanted me to remind you that a new Seaguy miniseries comes out today. Make sure to stay far away from that tripe. The last one was bad enough. Fucking Morrison.

We’re almost done with this week. Tomorrow, we get Darkseid at a rave and a guy with a bunch of bubble monitor things wrapped around his head. You can see a preview here.

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10 comments to “Final Edit Week 5: Day Six”

  1. Oh, you.

  2. Hahahaha, you sold me with Jon Stewart.

  3. the biggest red flag is how mean gavok sounds

  4. Great, Now I can’t get fucking danger zone out of my goddamn head.

    Thanks Gavok.

  5. This week hasn’t been as good as week 3, but the Jon Stewart gag got me, too.

  6. I’d like to see the whole thing get the same treatment, post-today.

  7. That may have been part of an April Fools joke, but those were genuinely hilarious. Hal Jordan listening to Kenny Loggins is just so dead on.

  8. comedy gold.

    long live Gavok

  9. All joking aside, I’m begging you to do more of these. I didn’t think you could top ultimate edit, but here it is. It’s ok to make fun of good books too, goddammit.

  10. The Don King riff was perfect.