Deadpool Countdown Thing: Keep it Comin’!

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First off, thanks to all of you who have sent in your ideas and suggestions for my upcoming Top 50 (or maybe 70) Deadpool Moments series I’ll be doing in a few days. The response has been pretty overwhelming and I very much appreciate it.

Of course, the more the merrier. If there’s anyone out there meaning to send in some ideas, now would be the time. Just send me an email with your suggestions and maybe a sentence or paragraph about what’s so great about said scene.

Something where I can go, “superwadefan36 says ‘This is easily the best Deadpool moment because of the way he blah blah blah blah…'”

I’m also glad to see that nobody’s suggested anything from Palmiotti’s Cruel Summer arc, which cements my theory that it’s the worst three issues in Deadpool’s entire history. Waaay worse than the old X-Force stuff.

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6 comments to “Deadpool Countdown Thing: Keep it Comin’!”

  1. I hope there have been a lot of submissions from Cable and Deadpool, I dearly loved that series.

  2. Wait, I thought the guy who did Deadpool after Palmiotti had the worst run. I just see things as going downhill when Kelly left. Priest had a chance, and he did a few good things, but the status quo kept changing, and it got very frustrating.

  3. After Priest it went like this:

    #46-48 was Palmiotti (Cruel Summer)
    #49-55 was Palmiotti and Buddy Scalera (The stuff with Copycat, Kid Deadpool, the Britney Spears girls, Punisher)
    #56 was Scalera (the Copycat/Siryn issue)
    #57-64 was Frank Tieri (Weapon X, Funeral for a Freak)

    The Weapon X arc wasn’t too awful and Funeral for a Freak at least had the ‘Nuff Said funeral issue. The rest of that arc was pretty bad — especially for the mind-breakingly stupid “I guess I am the real Wade Wilson after all!” ending — but at least it tried to be a Deadpool story.

    Cruel Summer didn’t hit any of the notes you’d want to see in a Deadpool comic. It lacked energy, it lacked humor and it tried too hard to be a Punisher story (a bad one too). It almost made me stop reading the series completely.

  4. Deadpool was in Secret Defenders for three issues! (That was, sadly enough, my first exposure to the character.) But yes, Cruel Summer was worse. I tend to block out everything between Priest and Simone.

  5. good time for one of these, this is probably the most exposure Deadpool has EVER gotten:

    * his own Deadpool ongoing

    * a bunch of minis (Suicide Kings, Weapon X: First Class, Merc with a Mouth)

    * Merc with a mouth is a MARVEL ZOMBIES spin-off

    * appearing in Tbolts, X-Force and Cable

    * Ryan Reynolds

  6. If it’s not too late: the Priest issue, guest-starring Thor. When Wade picks up Thor’s hammer. Wade so knows it’s wrong, but does it anyway, and flies. That pretty much sums up the character: Pool tries to do the right thing, often does the wrong thing, and very occasionally the wrong thing pays off in spades.

    Priest nails the Thor/Loki dynamic, too. I don’t think I appreciated those enough at the time, but looking bad they’ve held up.