What do you think about Wednesday Comics?

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And now for something completely different.

DC has just announced a new weekly.  It’ll be oversized, sixteen pages, and feature one-page stories about all kinds of different DCU characters.  There will be the typical characters like Batman and Superman but Wednesday Comics, the title of the weekly, will also bring all of DC’s obscure characters into the limelight.

The thing about me is I hate and fear change.  I’m also not a fan of disorder, and I know these things won’t fit in my long-boxes.  And yet, I cannot resist this.  Standalone stories.  Random characters.  I’m there.


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15 comments to “What do you think about Wednesday Comics?”

  1. Looking forward to it, and the color test they showed on one of the sites made me think it will even be really attractive.


  2. Definitely buying it. It looks like it’s going to be great, but even if it didn’t I would throw some support behind one of the big two doing something more creative rather than just something more expensive.

    This is kind of the same reason I bought the most recent issue of Invincible. Not that I don’t like Invincible and buy and read it in trades, but the idea of a including an entire universe spanning crossover in one issue rather than forcing fans to buy into half a dozen books from a dozen or so titles, is too great not to support.

  3. I’m all about it, and hopefully they collect it as an out-size album within six months.

  4. @ACK: Ooooo. The Blue Beetle.

  5. Ugh, like you I’m going to WANT to pick these up, but will then be stuck with the problem of storing them. Perhaps I can find some beer that comes in boxes that will be the correct size. That’s how I used to store my comics before I purchased longboxes anyway, I’m we’ll be able to sort something out.

  6. I think this is a terrific idea, even though I’m pretty damn sure it won’t sell.

    It’ll basically be the Sunday funnies but I have to pay a lot more.

  7. It seems I’m on a different wavelength from the rest of you, cause I really can’t bring myself to care about this. The only thing in Wednesday Comics that appeals to me (from the stuff announced so far) is the Gaiman/Allred Metamorpho story. I don’t care about the other creators (in this context/format), not enough to spend money on anyway.

    Maybe that will change when more is announced and when the whole thing gets closer to actually being released, but right now: meh. I do like it that DC is willing to experiment with something like this, however.

  8. Sounds all kinds of awesome to me. The impression that I got was that it stored like a normal comic, like a big comic book folded down the middle.

  9. I’m definitely getting it, although I also worry about storage issues.

    It’s a great concept too, especially in light of all the discussion about digital comics and reading devices–reading Wednesday Comics sounds like it’ll be something of a tactile experience as well, and that can’t be reproduced digitally.

    That being said, if it’s $2.99 or higher, I don’t know if I’d be as willing to buy it.

  10. Sounds really cool, though I’m curious about what the price’ll be.

  11. It’ll be interesting to see how the scanners deal with this.

    But yeah, I’m there. I really fail to see how you could possibly fuck up with that level of talent just doing whatever they want to do.

  12. Kyle Baker Hawkman alone was enough to sell me on this, at least as a trade. But with Neil Gaiman/Mike Allred Metamorpho and the promise of something by Azzarello/Bermejo? You better believe I’m buying this weekly.

  13. Dunno, everything I hear about it just says DOOMED, IT’S DOOMED to me.

    Projects with random characters and nothing to do with continuity like Solo just tend to sink without a trace.

    Trinity has a decent creative team and 3 hot characters and all I hear are people complaining it has nothing to with continuity so they won’t get it.

    Add to that an odd size and I just don’t see this flying. Barry Windsor Smith tried oversized comics in the 90s and again, no one bought them.

  14. I think it’s a great idea. I’m still waiting to find out how DC fucks it up. I hope I’m wrong and the product turns out as interesting as the idea.

  15. …DC just figured out half of why we love 52 to death.

    Do you realize what happens if they figure out the part about giving us hero complexity instead of icons? They could stimulate the economy *BY THEMSELVES*. 🙂