Ultimatum Edit Week 2: Day Five

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Greetings. Yesterday, we saw Reed Richards (the man with no brain), Dr. Doom (the tin man with no heart) and Zarda (the woman with no characterization) banding together to go find the eye-patch Wizard. Then we saw Thor fly around, looking for Valkyrie. Does he find her? We’ll find out in just a moment.

Hope you’re not too burned out by the holidays.

Those are some tiny, tiny panties.

ManiacClown is like the Babel Fish of Thor-speak, so God bless him. He’s also informed me that Hela isn’t connected to Valhalla at all.

We’ll be back tomorrow with the first Ultimatum Edit of the New Year. And there’s no better way to celebrate than with a page so awful that it dwarfs both that above Hela page AND that one Ultimates 3 Hank Pym page in pure badness.

Day Six!
Day Seven!

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6 comments to “Ultimatum Edit Week 2: Day Five”

  1. Did MC also mention how Hela’s legs… ARE ACTUALLY A SKELETON?!?

    Man, I hope you’re a long-time ISB reader. Otherwise that’ll just sound weird. It’s true though, and one of a handful of things about mythology I didn’t learn from Castlevania.

  2. I…really do not like that motion blur thing. It doesn’t *work* with inked comics. Those require a carefully drawn SWOOOOSH and motion lines and forced perspective. I take back much of my guarded praise for the art here.

  3. Wait, by reading between the lines here… I’ve discovered that Gavok hasn’t read Walt Simonson’s Thor at all.

    Gav, this is your new Flex Mentallo >:|

  4. Wait, is that Ultimate Thor killing Zombie 616 Thor?

    Wow this really is bad.

  5. I have to admit That last splash page looked pretty metal 😀

  6. “I AM THE RED RYDER … I SHALL PUT THY EYE OUT, KID!” has got to be one of the greatest lines of dialogue ever written, bar none.