FBB with Tough Love for Censorship

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Funnybook Babylon – Archives – Tough Love Tuesday Breaking News: Insufficient Censorship

The reason behind All-Star Batman & Robin the Boy Wonder’s recall revealed! The censor bars didn’t print properly a whole bunch of times! Cusswords are visible! Look out! Don’t click through if you don’t want to see Batgirl being super-sassy:

(this makes the comic late, which sucks)

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8 comments to “FBB with Tough Love for Censorship”

  1. Well sucks for all you crazy people who mistakenly think its good sure. For me it just means extra shelf space for books I might actually enjoy this week…

  2. People who have different taste in books sure are crazy!!!!!!!!

    Especially with prices like these!

  3. Yeah! Why can’t everyone’s tastes be exactly like mine? Whats wrong with everybody else? Are they just stupid or something?

  4. other people are dense, perhaps retarded.

  5. In before “goddamn (insert substitute word here)” comment.

  6. All Star Batman and Robin late?

    I’m Shocked!

  7. You know the old saying, “better late than never”? In this case, it’s better NEVER than LATE.

  8. I like the cut of Mr. Watts jib…