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September 8th, 2008 by | Tags: ,

I believe that a small part of every fanboy’s soul dies screaming whenever someone suggests that Superman would beat Batman in a fight.

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13 comments to “One Sentence Entry”

  1. Kapow.

  2. Yeah. That was a tough week for fanboys.

  3. Didn’t we already see Superman beat Batman at some point of Infinite Crisis? Max using mind control so Wonder Woman kills him to stop Superman? And Miller of course has shown Batman beating Superman. I mean its basically an If X Then Y for which wins a fight. Which means it all comes down to writer and whatever biases they may have…

    Now Batman v. Captain America. Thats a nerd arguement…

  4. Now Batman v. Captain America. Thats a nerd arguement…


  5. LurkerWithout:

    I think that Superman punctured Batman’s lung in Infinite Crisis. Which is strange since he could burn off Batman’s head from the upper atmosphere if he wanted to. I’ve just always noticed fan discussions of how Batman could be sneakier or smarter than Superman and would therefore win a fight. I think that Batman winning in a fight represents the triumph of strategy and brain over brawn and that that is necessary to the fanboy spirit.

  6. Pssh, any real comic fan knows the answer to this question.

    Whose name is on the book?

  7. Superman would tear Bats a new one.

    LOL @ nerd rage.

  8. The fanboy Supes v. Bats argument brought us the “FUCKBLAMMO” onomotopeia, for which I shall be forever grateful.

  9. I think it’s first punch wins. Either Superman offs Bats with as much or as little collateral damage as he sees fit, or Batman dresses up as a waitress and serves Clark Kent a filet mignon from a cow which was raised on a farm which Wayne Enterprises had sold fertilizer too, fertilizer which had been laced with traces of inert Kryptonite, which activate once exposed to the concentrated levels of solar radiation in Superman’s cells.

  10. Batman wins fights with Superman the same way Superman loses a lot of fights: Even when mind controlled Superman’s fear of killing someone with his strength is a deep fear within him. I’ve seen this in a ton of fights, especially with Leob’s and Miller’s stories.

  11. This is a post about how ridiculous the arguments are, then we break down… into said argument.

  12. That post doesn’t suggest that at all, Mack. But yeah, these arguments can get pretty dumb.

  13. […] even made a post a while back about Superman vs. Batman in a fight. Really? In latter 2008? People are still talking about […]