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This is a straight up fanboy post, so bear with me. I’ll have actual content later on, hey?

I love the Wildcats and the whole Wildstorm Universe, but no way can I explain why. It just works for me, in no small part because of the Jim Lee connection.

Joe Casey’s run on Wildcats is a personal favorite of mine, with 3.0 being tops in my book. There’s a bit in where Grifter, who was injured in an earlier battle, is training the man he wants to be his replacement. A Grifter II, if you will.

wildcats_p19.jpg Anyway, there’s a bit of a training montage, which, if you’ve ever seen an action movie, is a staple of the genre. It’s important, and kind of cool to see in a comic. He’s showing him all the basics of, superheroing and being a bad dude. “Remember, the cooler you look, the less likely it is you’ll actually have to shoot.” Check out the bottom. Wisecracking is an important part of superheroics, and of course wisecrackery is a big part of your training. I’d always thought that was a particularly clever bit of writing, with a properly corny one-liner. (I love Die Hard, pardon me.)

I picked up the first WildC.A.T.s trade on the cheap the other day (“because I am a sucker,” is what you all are thinking). Part of the way through the first chapter, I saw a familiar scene.


Oh, Grifter.

I’ll have a post with some actual content (about Superman and fathers again, if things work out right), rather than fanblatherings, later on.

(The first Wildcats trade is really kind of a so-so comic at best, to be honest. I am a sucker, though. I’d probably buy Absolute WildC.A.T.s if they put it out.)

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4 comments to “Wildcats, Pop Comics At Work”

  1. Wow. That IS a nice touch – going all the way back to the early stuff and making it mean something.

  2. Off topic, but I love it when Grifter shoots her with that tiny Derringer and it blows a HUGE hole through her on the next page. It’s seriously ridiculous.

  3. Yeah, the ’90s were full of completely improbable gun physics. I love Grifter’s rapid-fire “PHUT PHUT PHUT” guns that apparently fire lasers?

  4. I actually remembered what that was referencing when I went through it, too. Cheesy as the first lot of WildCATS stuff was, I loved it.