What If Musings: A Team Like No Other

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I just got back from vacation and it’s been one shitty day. I had to get up early for my first flight, which was at 7 am. That flight was spent listening to a whining cat that its owner brought aboard. Being that I went from Phoenix to Atlanta, I lost 3 hours. My connecting flight got delayed to hell and I spent about six hours in the airport, waiting. I finished reading every trade I brought with me for the trip (god, why didn’t I read Kaminski’s Iron Man: War Machine sooner?). My iPod batteries were running low. I had lots of time on my hands and I was insanely bored.

This is just my explanation and warning for the following concept.

Right now, Marvel has several superhero teams fighting underground, trying to do right while evading authority. The more apparent of the two are Luke Cage’s Secret Avengers and Nick Fury’s Howling Commandos. So that got me thinking of what it would be like if these two underground hero leader types were to have joined together earlier on.

The following two pages are from The Pulse #9, by Bendis. It takes place as a conclusion to Secret War. Luke Cage was one of several heroes recruited to take part in what became a terrorist act in Latveria, only to be mind-wiped of his experience and attacked a year later for his actions. Here, his pregnant girlfriend Jessica Jones and his partner Iron Fist have him in held up in Night Nurse’s secret hospital as a hologram of Nick Fury sends his final message.

We know how things go from here. But I’m thinking of a tangent reality from this scene. I’m wondering…

What If Nick Fury Founded the Secret Avengers?

Bear with me for a second because this is either really great or really, really stupid.

Before Jessica can go on her tirade, Luke speaks up. This is how Fury responds to Cage being attacked? By running away and saving his own skin? Cage can handle himself, but he’ll be damned if his unborn child is going to be a supervillain target for reasons he can’t even remember. If Fury’s going underground, Cage and Jessica are going with him.

Iron Fist, being loyal to Luke, demands to join too. Fury caves and the four of them go on the run together until this blows over. Since they’re already going off the radar, Luke visits Matt Murdock, whose troubles as Daredevil are getting worse and worse every day. Luke convinces Matt to leave his life behind and join them, as they help people out while staying away from the authorities.

So who are our heroes, again?

Nick Fury. Cigar-chomping (well, not exactly anymore) leader and master strategist.

Luke Cage. Imposing and unnaturally strong black man.

Matt Murdock. Handsome. Persuasive. Sneaky. Always scoring hot women wherever he goes.

Danny Rand. The space cadet, filling in as comic relief. Acts to play off of and regularly annoy Cage.

Jessica Jones. Spirited token female. Former reporter. Doesn’t really do anything.

I guess what I’m trying to say is this:

“In 2004, a crack superhero team was attacked for a crime they didn’t remember committing. These men promptly escaped to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the Howling Commandos.”

Come on. Like you wouldn’t read the shit out of that comic.

“I ain’t flyin’ on Danny’s plane! Fool’s crazier than Murdock!”

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10 comments to “What If Musings: A Team Like No Other”

  1. You’ve been drinking haven’t you?

  2. Gavok doesn’t drink. He gets high on life.

    (and speed.)

  3. The movie. Not the drug.

  4. He even snuck it right into the title. Spooky.

  5. so who would you want as your Knight Rider?

  6. actually, Batman cruising the country in the Batmobile, beating up criminals and scoring weekly with a different broad would be a fun Dark Knight Rider.

  7. What the hell ever happened to Len Kaminsky anyhow?

  8. Len Kaminski is the real life version of Jenny Sparks from the Authority. Once the 20th century ended, he just ceased to exist.

    I hold out hope that he’s really just floating around in a block of ice. One day he’ll thaw and fight Jeph Loeb, exactly like that one Cap vs. Fake Cap fight. “Get up so I can knock you down!!”

    I just started reading the War Machine solo series. It’s starting off pretty good, even with the Cable appearance, but judging from the later covers, it’s going to get real 90’s real soon.

  9. You’ll know when it turns to shit because Len Kaminsky is no longer in the writer’s credits.

    Much the same thing happened in Iron Man (teen tony followed immediately after Len’s arc) and Ghost Rider 2099.

  10. “Len Kaminski is the real life version of Jenny Sparks from the Authority. Once the 20th century ended, he just ceased to exist.”

    He was reborn as “Lenny Quantum”.