More Tiny Titans sketches

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Art Baltazar at New York con really hooked me up. I got a grip of sketches for me and my friends. I’m having to trickle these out, ’cause I know that my friends read the blog and check my flickr. Here’s a few that I gave out last week:

Grifter Sketch Cloak & Dagger Sketch
Grifter for the Eisner Award-nominated Matt Silady, Cloak & Dagger for World Famous Runaways Fan Mindy Owens, both of which are my comrades in Writers Old Fashioned
Matt Murdock Sketch Doctor Strange Sketch
Matt Murdock for Kirsten, also of WOF, and Doc Strange for James Sime
Adam Strange and Miss Misery Sketch
Adam Strange (heart) Miss Misery, for Kirsten and James both.

It’s been quiet on 4l lately ’cause my day job needed a careful application of “work” applied to “projects.” That’ll change soon! Big things poppin’.

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6 comments to “More Tiny Titans sketches”

  1. It’s so odd to have a fan of something other than Cloak and Dagger’s series be someone who wants to see/talk about them.

    Geek life – still it has delicate nuances that illude me.

  2. If you need someone to replace Wanderer/Hoatzin, I can start not writing immediately. I can guarantee a maximum of one update every three months, possibly even less.

  3. They just get cuter & cuter! 😀



  4. Sara! Check your text messages!

  5. Consider them checked & replied!

  6. […] pop fun feel to it! You can check out more of the sketches that Art drew for David here and here. Newsarama talks to Art […]