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June 1st, 2009 by |

-We’ve got a few entries in our Uncharted 2 multiplayer beta code contest. Click over and check it out if you’re interested in getting into the beta!

-If you haven’t listened to the first Fourcast!, click here to go its page or here to subscribe in iTunes. To those of you who’ve listened– thanks!

-Speaking of podcasts, we’re recording the second Fourcast! this Saturday. We’re soliciting ideas and questions for the show. Is there something you want us to talk about? Some question you’re dying to ask? Some obscure trivia you want to test us on or whatever? Want to call me out on the carpet for saying that Hal Jordan has a dumb-looking face? Post it down in the comments and we’ll try to work it into the show.

Emily Warren, colorist for Marvel and other companies (I know she’s done some work for Zenescope) has a sketch blog. She’s not just a colorist, of course– she has a few pages of sketches and finished pieces up there to check out. Go look.

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4 comments to “Contests, Podcasts, and Miscellany”

  1. What do you think about the possibility of Brother Voodoo as the new Sorcerer Supreme?

  2. If each of you had to choose an artist or writer to deliver a career crippling injury…who would it be? Why? And what would the injury be?

  3. I submitted a review for your first podcast. In terms of what I think would approve it, I think you should keep your laid-back, humorous approach, but perhaps organize things a little better. Perhaps divide the podcast into segments:

    -Comic industry news (like McDuffie getting sacked)
    -A review of Marvel titles
    -A review of DC titles
    -A review of any other books you’ve read (from Dark Horse, Image, Avatar, BOOM!)
    -If you have time, perhaps a anything-but-comics section, where you talk about music, manga, pro-wrestling, whatever you wanna talk about!
    -Do something like this where you have readers post questions for you to answer or topics for you to discuss, the basic back-and-forth most podcasts have with their listeners

    Anyway, just my ideas.

  4. @ChineseKleptocracy: Thanks! We’re going to do a bit of that this weekend when we record again, and we’re definitely soliciting questions from the listeners. I don’t know that we can do all of your segments in one show, but those are good ideas.