Well, I found it funny

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You know those Marvel cartoons from the 60’s with the really awful animation and stills taken from the comics themselves? A guy by the name cyphrx took this style and made his own Avengers parody, based on what he considers the aftermath of the very first issue.

Enjoy the Newer Mightier Ultimater Avengers, but be warned, it does feature bad language and blurred out Hulk dong.

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7 comments to “Well, I found it funny”

  1. were the sixties cartoons really similar visually?

  2. They were. In fact, this parody is easier on the eyes than what it’s based on.

    Try watching some of a cartoon based on Avengers #4. It’s pretty embarrassing.

  3. oh. wow. that’s something else. I remember the old Spidey cartoon being pretty good though. That was probably 70s or 80s though.

  4. He’s absolutely correct. The old Marvel comic/toons were basically worse in every way.

    Except that they didn’t have covers of the last stage music from Kid Icarus.

  5. This reminds me for some reason of that huge Marvel history that was released in the 1990s (I think in 1990, actually) and had Spider-Man on the cover. It had “This Man This Monster” in the back with Golden Age Namor and Modern Age Wolverine comics, with sidebar commentary, and character profiles interspersed throughout a chronological history of the company.

    I think it was just called “MARVEL” and so I’m having trouble finding it by normal means. Anyone remember what I’m talking about?

  6. The parts with Thor really dragged, imo.

  7. Good find. I look forward to see how/if Hulk leaves the team. It promises to be hilarious.