You’re so super, man…

January 15th, 2008 by | Tags: , , , , ,

Are Daredevil and Spider-Man the only Marvel or DC heroes with on-panel frontal nudity?

Spidey went frontal in Spider-Man: Reign (at least until an editor caught it) and Matt Murdock spent a decent bit of Elektra Lives Again with his netherbits out.

I’m just curious.

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3 comments to “You’re so super, man…”

  1. dub looking to fill out his secret collection

  2. In canon, I can’t think of many. But I’m sure there’s plenty of fan art to fill your needs.

  3. Doc Manhattan, for certain definitions of “DC character.”

    J’onn J’onzz for sure, other shape-shifters only if you don’t count fake clothes as clothes.

    But those two are the only ones I can think of that don’t involve semantics.