Great Moments in Black History #04: I’m a hustler, baby.

April 6th, 2009 by | Tags: , ,

from marvel’s spider-man: reign, words and pictures by kaare andrews

(spider-man: reign is much maligned, but i really, really enjoyed it. andrews “gets” spidey and the spider-marriage in a way that a lot of people don’t. it isn’t perfect, and its flaws are obvious, but overall? i like it. look for a piece on it later this week.
also i don’t want to write comics, but let me find out marvel wants somebody to pitch for hypno hustler. i’m on it.)

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2 comments to “Great Moments in Black History #04: I’m a hustler, baby.”

  1. I never understood the hate on this book. So many people complained about it’s DKR influence but it’s pretty obvious that it was supposed to be in that same style and setting. Good fun book. I’d buy more Spider-man by Andrews.

  2. I second that. It was a damn sight better than a lot of Spidey stories I can recall, easily. Happy I read it against the bitching of many.