Pete Woods and Pete Milligan

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infinitygirls.jpg I love Pete Woods, and it’s nice to finally see him on a book that looks good in writing as well as in art. I’ve been fighting against buying the Amazons Attack hardcover, but Woods’s art makes it hard to miss.

Plus, there’s this:

While most of the locations have been established for the book, we haven’t seen much of them, so there’s plenty of wiggle room as far as design goes. Steelworks is the most exciting of those. Here we have John Henry Irons- the Tony Stark/Reed Richards of the DCU- who knows what sort of weird bleeding edge tech he’s got sitting around. The possibilities are endless…

John Henry really is, isn’t he? He’s Superman’s go-to gadget guy. Hopefully Milligan plays with that some. All we need next is for the redesigned Eradicator to make a comeback and I’ll be happy.

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2 comments to “Pete Woods and Pete Milligan”

  1. Fuck yes, Pete Woods on an interesting book! I’ve actually enjoyed Fiumara’s art on Infinity Inc., but it lacks a certain clarity that Woods will undoubtedly bring to the book. I hope it’ll succeed since it’s a good creative team and there’s a lot of potential for these characters.

  2. The whole thing about Americans’ obsession with therapy seemed a little artsy fartsy to me at first, but I’m digging it now. Whenever I pick up on the relation of a particular character’s psych problems and to their new powers I pat myself on the back. I imagine that’s what it’s like being hermanos or one of the FBB guys, all noticing themes and messages the author wants to convey. Cold relatin’ art to real life.