How Very Meta

January 9th, 2008 by | Tags: , ,

I know that if you’re writing for a comic book blog and it deals with superheroes you’re pretty much obligated to say something about One More Day, but I think everybody’s getting sick of it by now and I don’t have anything interesting to say about it anyway. So I’m not going to write anything about One More Day itself, but the song Four Color Love Story by accoustic indie band The Metasciences came up on my playlist the other day and I had to share it with everyone. It was composed about two years ago but is almost eerily appropriate for the story. Even the line “Elektra isn’t evil or insane” is accurate, since she’s actually a dead Skrull.

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5 comments to “How Very Meta”

  1. That is a heartbreaking and awesome song, considering all the talk about OMD and the new staus quo. Thanks for making my morning!

  2. Dead on with the ‘heartbreaking’. Wow – that’s an awesome song. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. That made my heart ache a little.

    I’m not crying, Florida is just very smoky right now and it makes my eyes water.

  4. Thanks for sharing the music. Very sweet song though heartbreaking! Thanks for sharing this music, I added it on my playlist. I love this lines.. “And you’ll keep my identity a secret.. And you will know the touch beneath my glove… I may go out every night and risk my life for strangers…But you’re the only girl I’ll ever love”. Great song!

  5. That was my First Dance song when the Mister and I got married.