“Me? I’m magic.”

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I’ve been digging Zeb Wells and Clay Mann’s Elektra miniseries. I wasn’t going to read it, because Elektra has been in pretty poor shape since Miller left her, but man, Zeb Wells is a guy who should be the next big thing. Him, Paul Tobin, Fred van Lente, Jeff Parker… Marvel has a legion of really dope guys playing their midlist right now. Anyway, each issue has had some sort of cool thrill. I died in the first issue, we got the awesome escape from Shield in the second, and a good dose of Night Nurse in the third. What’s the fourth issue got to offer?



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7 comments to ““Me? I’m magic.””

  1. That second page is just too awesome for words.

  2. Marvel has a legion of really dope guys playing their midlist right now.

    Yeah, I noticed that a year or so ago. It’s an amazing collection of talent and really understated. It makes me sad because the top-tier Marvel writers are pretty much crap in comparison.

  3. I dunno. Bendis, Brubaker, Fraction, and David (yes, I consider him top tier. If you have visonary volumes for mutiple titles and you’re still going strong, you’re famn well top tier)is a pretty good group of writers. Plus, where would you put Craig Kyle and Chris Yost. Marvel is just plain better right now.

  4. Yeah. That’s how Elektra gets her lips pouty. Surgery is for weaklings.

  5. Wow, that’s pretty badass. I like creative action, and setting off a bullet with her sai? Damn. I might have to check this series out now…

  6. @Rick Wears Pants: Brubaker I might allow, and David if he’s on his A game (which is debatable, at the moment.) Bendis, though, hasn’t been compelling in years. His Avengers work is nigh unreadable, and Ultimate Spider-Man took a massive turn for the worse recently.

  7. @DamienRoc: But couldn’t Bendis’ recent drop in quality be considered due more in part to editorial mandate—regarding Dark Reign and Ultimatum, specifically—than his own failings as a writer?