‘Nuff Said?

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I was thinking about this newfangled Supergirl DC has running around. Amazons Attack, raised by Amazons, so on and so forth.

We’ve already got an Amazonian Supergirl. DKSA Kara Zor-El is better than DCU Kara Zor-El. She could take her in a fight, easy. Then we’d have a good Supergirl! I could make an entire post out of that. Oh, how I wish I had a feature that let me pit two comics characters against each other in a fight…

Anyway, I took today to rest and recuperate after my hilariously stressful week searching for an apartment in San Francisco. (I found one, by the way! Just got to get the lease and deposit out of the way.) I got a bit of writing done started and I’ll have some long-awaited (sup kanda) reviews for you tomorrow. Mighty Skullboy Army, the Autobiography of Malcolm X graphic novel, and Last of the Independents.

Yes, I am like four years late on that last one.

Stay tuned, true believer.

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2 comments to “‘Nuff Said?”

  1. Would someone raised an an island of women really use the term bitch?

    (and congrats on the apartment!)

  2. You know, I re-read DKSA a while ago, and all of a sudden I could appreciate it a lot more. I guess I just approached it with the wrong mindset when I first read it.

    Also, congrats on the appartment and your new position as BSS mod! I’m gonna get put on probation until I write that article now, aren’t I?