Matt Fraction is Good For You Reason #239

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Punisher: War Journal #12 came out this week. The whole Hate-Monger storyline went on a little too long, but since then, things have been looking up. The Bucky issue was a nice diversion and now we have this entertaining World War Hulk tie-in.

Here are three pictures of the issue for you. It’s okay, these aren’t much in terms of spoilers, unless you’re anal about it. Each picture is set-up for what you just know is going to be some sweet, sweet payoff.

Stuart is better than Microchip ever was. Stuart is an artist.

That last page and everything that follows makes me believe that Matt Fraction knows who I am and wrote this issue specifically to make me happy. If you enjoy it too, good for you, but that was never the point. It’s all about me. So there.

(Thanks, Mr. Fraction!)

In other news, Runaways is really losing me. Straying from the core plot mixed with delays makes me forget what the hell is going on.

Stay tuned tomorrow. I’m going to have a nice, full article up. I made it. For you. For Christmas.

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7 comments to “Matt Fraction is Good For You Reason #239”

  1. “It’s a gun, Frank. A gun that shoots swords.”

    This may be the best quote in WWH. And I liked seeing Mung again. I think a little more mileage was left in the character, but Frank’s handling of him was too awesome to argue with.

  2. What? No love for chopping off a guy’s arm, then slicing off the top of his head with his own arm that’s holding a massive sword? I had to wipe a tear from my eye when I saw that. Ahhhh…. Fraction.

  3. Of course there’s love for that. The whole point of this is that these three images suggest that something seriously awesome is about to happen.

  4. My experience reading this issue:

    Heh. That’s funny.

    Oh my God.

    Oh my God.


    I… I need a cigarette.

    “And I was.”

  5. Frank as a kind of horribly, horribly screwed up savior of the people is a happy thought.

    Rescues cats, dismembers aliens. Solid gold.

  6. So… where did Mung first appear? Heroes for Hire? Frontline? Because I have skipped a few of the tie-ins, but this, wow.

    “I have the best job in the world.”

  7. Although I actually like Ariel Olivetti’s artwork I think that whenever he tries to scan in a real object it looks weird. Like how the ‘gun that shoots swords’ is blatantly just a very weirdly enhanced trace of someone holding a SPAS-12 shotgun with additional stuff glommed onto it.

    I wish he’d do another Space Ghost series, he was perfect for that.