The Death of the New Gods (Episode 1)

August 18th, 2007 by | Tags: , ,

JLA #14. Death of the New Gods. Grant Morrison, Howard Porter, I think John Dell on inks.
JLA 14 pg 19 JLA 14 pg 20 JLA 14 pg 21
JLA 14 pg 22 JLA 14 pg 23

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4 comments to “The Death of the New Gods (Episode 1)”

  1. Wow…I almost forgot that it was Ray and Connor who killed Darkseid in this issue. So the Search for Ray Palmer is so that he could give Darkseid a lobotomy… makes sense. 😀

  2. Grant Morrison: One Sexy Beast of Awesome

  3. The Connor Green Arrow’s “Sheyeah, we’re gonna die!” from this issue is still one of my favorite moments of Morrison’s whole run. Starlin’s got a tough row to hoe in topping that.

  4. I didn’t really discover DC til I was 19, a few months before Morrison’s JLA launched (I think my first DC purchases were the opening chapter of the Flash story “Race Against Time–#113? and the concurrent issue of LSH). Consequently, this issue was the first time I looked at the Atom and saw more than a smart guy who could shrink. He quickly got to be one of my favorite DC characters, and it’s neat to see them making his return a big deal. I just hope it doesn’t result in Ryan Choi getting shitcanned–I like him almost as much (and certainly more than the new Question, Ray or Aquaman).