4thletter exclusive

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DC comics has just released the third teaser for their epic universe-spanning Countdown event to the men at 4thletter. This one appears to be a mishmash of villains and heroes, and has some surprise apperances by characters not many of us were expecting. What does it all mean for Countdown, Final Crisis and the future of the DC universe? Who knows, but it’s bound to be exciting! Just click the thumbnail for the full image:

4thletter exclusive

Now, like with the previous two teasers, this image should not be interpreted literally. There’s obviously a lot of hidden meanings and metaphores going on here, so if you have any theories on what it could all mean, share them!

 And remember, you saw it here first.

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7 comments to “4thletter exclusive”

  1. Well played move this round. You think you won. But trust me… It’s on.

  2. Oh, wow, paul, I LOVE Super-Liefeld?-God

  3. Hoatzin I can prove you made this, not someone employed by DC. See that girl who only you like or even know about and you even nicknamed and had several custom avatars of and possibly even commissioned porn of?

    She is clearly sitting on a Big Boy statue, and we all know DC doesn’t have the rights to Big Boy.

  4. What, no Bloodwynd?

  5. He’s in there. Don’t forget that he can turn invisible.

  6. What gave Superman his giant stiffy? His massive gun, or having Batman lying in a sack at his feet?
    Is Grant Morrison holding that cat because he’s some sort of Bond-esque supervillain, or does he just like kitties?

  7. I predict that the presence of Batwoman indicates that Countdown will ruin her character before it’s even developed.