The Summerslam Countdown: What’s the Holdup?!

August 14th, 2011 by |

Yeah, so as it is right now, I have Day Seven of the countdown ready and done, but I still have to proofread it and all that. Considering I won’t be able to get to that until after I get home from watching Summerslam with my friends and… well, the fact that there are eleven entries in total, I can officially say that I have shit the bed on this. Again. My apologies. I took too long watching the shows, didn’t get any head start whatsoever and between this and my job got burned out very quickly. No matter, for the four people still reading these things, I’ll have them up and done over the course of the next week.

In the meantime, Bearnt!, who has uploaded a bunch of various clips onto YouTube for me finally found this holy grail of wrestling promos that I’ve been wanting to rewatch since Randy Savage died. It’s from the lead-up of Wrestlemania X. Randy Savage had a match with champion Yokozuna and had it in the bag until Savage’s rival and former friend Crush came in to stop him. The hatred between the two has become so heated that they aren’t allowed to coexist in the same locker room area.

That may be my favorite wrestling promo of all time.

Stay tuned tonight for Summerslam Countdown: Day Seven and This Week in Panels: Week 99.

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3 comments to “The Summerslam Countdown: What’s the Holdup?!”

  1. The Macho Man Randy Savage was to me for wrestling what Michael Jordan was to me for basketball; he was the only one to make me CARE about wrestling. Chris Jericho, CM Punk, Undertaker… they’re all pretty cool, and I’ll watch them on occasion, but Randy Savage made me want to watch him.

  2. So uh…

    how about that SS ending >_>

  3. It was a great ‘slam ending. Been a long while since questions were left that way on a PPV.

    Really compelling WWE stories the last month or so.