Hey, You Like the Royal Rumble?

January 16th, 2010 by |

The WWE Royal Rumble is on its way later this month. If you recall, last year I wrote up a seven day long review and ranking of all the Royal Rumbles from worst to best. Currently, I’m fresh into working on my Wrestlemania Countdown, which I can hopefully get done by mid-March, what with having to rewatch 25 3-4 hour shows. Right now, that’s not important.

Neither is this 108-Man Royal Rumble from Japan, but it’s a fun waste of time. It’s a big New Years get together between Big Japan Pro Wrestling, Dramatic Dream Team and Kaientai Dojo and you can tell that it’s New Years because when there’s one minute left in 2009, things get interesting.

I know only a handful of these guys from watching CHIKARA, but that doesn’t prevent it from being entertaining. Enjoy a man who can eliminate people from the ring with his mind, a guy who’d rather sit in the corner and snack than wrestle, the Japanese Shawn Michaels, a Hulk Hogan blow-up doll, a man with a giant turnip head and a gay rapist.

Enjoy your Saturday!

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3 comments to “Hey, You Like the Royal Rumble?”

  1. Epic stuff right here, Gavok. I’m right now on part 5 and it’s an awesome way to spend a Saturday evening.

  2. I heard about this and am glad to have a spot to watch the whole thing. Thanks, man!

  3. I wasn’t sure that was Shawn Michaels until the realistic pyro-technics sold me.