Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance

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Directed by Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor, directors of the very pinnacle of human achievement, Crank 2, starring Jason Statham:

An entire movie of Ghost Rider wrecking dudes isn’t the triumph of style over substance. It’s proof that style is a substance all its own.

Can’t wait.

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10 comments to “Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance”

  1. An additional note: this movie is written by the guy who did that What If Galactus Became Elvis comic. So, yeah, count me in.

  2. It feels like they read the Jason Aaron run on the character and realized “Hey, this is a character who has a flaming skull for a head and rides a fiery motorcycle as he battles demonic 18-wheelers from the South”.

    The crazier, the better.

  3. Here’s my question: Why? I mean, didn’t the film suck eggs? Doesn’t everything Nicolas Cage do nowadays suck? Hasn’t the high point in his recent career been sucking-punching that one lady while dressed as a big cat in The Wicker Man? Seriously, who clamored for more Ghost Rider on the big screen?

  4. @Jason: Bear. He was dressed as a bear when he was sucker-punching pagan lesbians…

  5. @Jason: Drive Angry was actually a pretty good film and this looks like he’s paired with people who can back up that kind of insanity again.

    Also The Weather Man was a solid film and came out a year before Wicker Man, so if you’re going back that far I’m gonna point out he’s had hits and misses all throughout this period.

  6. @Syrg: Also stupid me for forgetting Sorceror’s Apprentice as another stand-out role. (Skip Season of the Witch by all means, though.)

  7. I remember not being disgusted with the first one, even enjoying the occasional part (Sam Elliot) when I saw it with a friend in the theater. Until that godawful cover of Ghost Riders In The Sky. Correction, until someone started singing/autotuning/whatever over a pretty cool electric version of the song.

  8. Dang it they shown the best part of the movie though looks like it was for the trailer.
    Why WHY did they show off Ghost rider Pissing flames.
    I so want that for UMvC3.

  9. @SomeRandomGuy: I bet it’s misdirection, and that Ghostie will be taking on assholes with a blowtorch. I don’t think Marvel would approve of pissing flames, especially if it would lead back to the old “Is the Thing’s dork made of orange rock?” debate.

  10. To settle that debate, yes, he has a dick of solid orange rock.