Industry Rule #4080 Strikes Again?

March 15th, 2011 by | Tags: ,

Do you get to call it a tribute if you get to keep all the profits and capitalize on someone’s death?

Hey DC, I really, really, really need this to not be true.

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9 comments to “Industry Rule #4080 Strikes Again?”

  1. This is one of those cases where I really, really have to make sure it’s real before expressing outrage. But if it is, what the fuck, DC?

  2. @Endless Mike: I believe it’s real. I just hope that there’s some circumstance that makes it not as cruelly awful as it looks. Someone I know has a request out for comment. We’ll find out soon enough, I guess.

  3. If he’s referring to the the Static Shock Special in DC’a June solicits. Then surely Dwayne McDuffie’s friends who are writing and drawing the book should be the ones to complain about the way the book is being produced, not Tommy Lee Edwards.

    Obviously thats only if they’re not happy about how the books being produced of course.

  4. I’m thinking it’s an oversight, since most of DC’s attention is trying to figure out which Asian character they should kill next. Yes, it’s been almost a year since Ryan Choi got killed like a punk, and I’m still not over it. Pathetic, huh?

    Seriously, though, if the money doesn’t go to McDuffie’s family or his favorite charity, sites like this one will gather en masse and shame DC into doing it. Besides, after the boys in Editorial screwed up his run on JLA, I think it should be the very least they could do.

  5. C2E2 is soon, so someone ought to bring this to their attention because it’d either an oversight or they will reverse the decision lest they be publically shamed

  6. @debaser: I got a response from DC (via a third party) and will be posting later today.

  7. […] I posted about the upcoming Static Shock Special and Tommy Lee Edwards’s statement that DC was…. Around the same time I posted, I asked a friend to hit up DC for a statement. I got that statement […]

  8. So, McDuffie’s family and Derek Dingle released a statement backing the book. I know that should make me feel better, and yet …

  9. […] this tweet from comic-book artist Tommy Lee Edwards, which was picked up by David Brothers at 4th Letter:Two days later, statements from McDuffie’s family and Milestone Media President Derek T. […]