New Ultimate Edit Week 5: Day Three

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Ah, Day Two. The installment where Thor wrecked everyone some more and Zarda woke up and gave him a piece of her mind. It’s mentioned that Zarda really hasn’t been pulling her weight ever since joining the team at the end of Ultimate Power. But now it is Day Three, where their brawl continues and develops. How does this relate to that Clark Kent-like exit Iron Man did just a few minutes before?

Oh, Santa Thor. ManiacClown and I are going to miss writing you.

Tomorrow, Tony will continue his crusade to get through to Thor. What role will Loki play?

Day Four!
Day Five!
Day Six!
Day Seven!

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4 comments to “New Ultimate Edit Week 5: Day Three”

  1. Fistmas would be a really great holiday for about five minutes. After that, it’d probably get a bit messy.

  2. I imagine Fistmas would be like Skeletor’s idea of what Christmas is about. Everybody gets into fights and when you give people presents, they explode.

  3. Woo

    MST3K reference.

  4. I’d also say there’s a wee bit of the Destroyer armour in there as well…