The Cipher 01/26/11: “Foolish pride is all that I have left”

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this happened once before

created: Big things popping, little things stopping

Black Panther DVD

Gantz was pretty crappy

Camilla D’Errico draws good

Here are some good looking Marvel books

Evangelion 2.0 was pretty okay, but 1.0 is bland (longer post on 2.0 later, maybe?)

when i came to your door

consumed: No Effort Week! Gearing up for Black History Month next week, so this is gonna be short.

-Ooooh, man, looks like Rae & Ghost were right, ’cause there’s all types of sharks in the water! Online retailer TFAW is doing a little thing they’re calling Digital Comics Month, where they go around and interview major players in the digital comics landscape, and also Zenescope. Now, I’m not saying that they borrowed my blueprint, but check out their questions, see if they seem at all familiar. I think Jay-Z saw the same thing happen to Kane. They probably should’ve tried a little harder, though, because questions like this:

“TFAW.com: What do you think of the piracy issue that comes along with digital distribution?”

Don’t even make any sense. No one is pirating digital comics. They’re pirating print comics. Gotta do better than that.

-Pedro Tejeda is writing again, after a bunch of bullying from me and Jamaal. I liked his review of the new Ghostface record, but his review of 88-keys’ The Death of Adam is on point. I thought it was an ill concept album, and that’s about where it stopped. Pedro’s point about why we should even believe Adam, and why the narrator is on his side, is pretty good, and sorta made me re-examine what it was about. The result is an album that is both a little shallower than I’d expected and more interesting to think about. Visit that dude so he writes more.

This video of a housewife doing acid is amazing and probably sold me a copy of The Harvard Psychedelic Club: How Timothy Leary, Ram Dass, Huston Smith, and Andrew Weil Killed the Fifties and Ushered in a New Age for America.

The Mindless Ones go drinking with superheroes and the results are fantastic. Someone get Garth Ennis to write the comic adaptation. He’s the best at comics about dudes in bars.

-You guys see that Matt Fraction x Bryan Lee O’Malley conversation in Casanova: Gula 01? Fraction couldn’t be more wrong about Kanye. I’ve gotta stop reading backmatter.

Cheryl Lynn has a habit of throwing ideas at me on Twitter. She was blue-skying some Kanye + Comics ideas and I basically went and called that bluff.

Top to bottom: “Gold Digger” (art by Jim Calafiore), “New Workout Plan” (art by Jim Lee), “New Workout Plan” (art by Ed Benes)

-I bought Superfly: Deluxe 25th Anniversary Edition and Curtis! (Deluxe Edition) because Curtis Mayfield is that dude.

no reply

David: New Mutants 21, Thunderbolts 152
Esther: Action Comics 897
Gavin: Justice League Generation Lost 18, Incorruptible 14, Avengers 9, Captain America 614, Chaos War 5, Deadpool 32, Incredible Hulks 621, Namor The First Mutant 6, New Avengers 8, Punisher In The Blood 3, Secret Avengers 9, Thunderbolts 152, Ultimate Comics Avengers 3 6, Uncanny X-Force 4

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5 comments to “The Cipher 01/26/11: “Foolish pride is all that I have left””

  1. “Now, I’m not saying that they borrowed my blueprint…”

    I’m sure I have no idea whatsoever what you’re talking about…

  2. I wanted to do my own little foray into Kanye + Comics and ended up missing the point a little, but I figure Kanye is applicable to Street Fighter too, right?

  3. Last minute addition: Cheryl has more comics photoshops, including one that made me gasp out loud at work.

  4. Can we all agree than the Black Panther effort was a missed opportunity?

    (I still wish they did a Black Panther animated movie based on Christopher Priest’s “Enemy of the State”. Mephisto’s Pants and demon hearts makes good snacks! FTW)

    I think I have come around on A.S.B.A.R. If you look at it as canon like A.S.S., you’ll be disappointed. But if you look at it like a NextWave or even Marvel Boy and to a lesser degree Secret Six, you can get regular enjoyment from it.

    Speaking of the American Psychedelic Drug Era, I recommend a VH-1 Documentary Series “The Drug Years”. The first parts of it really got me to look back and research LSD because of the facts. And now you just gave me more to look for…. Damn you Brothers! LOL :rolleyes:

  5. @Jordan: There are Street Fighter comics so it’s all good.