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-Over at the Factual, I make jokes about interracial dating and Nina Stone delivers the best review of Batgirl #1 thus far. Nina’s POV is great, and she wrote up a pretty funny review, too.

-IDW Publishing is releasing Darwyn Cooke’s adaptation of Parker: The Hunter on iTunes. Five chapters, first hit’s free. Haven’t seen this news anywhere? You should watch more iFanboy. Ron Richards interviews him and he drops the bomb like it was nothing. Here’s the embed, as the interview is hilarious and full of true facts.

They’ve got a good (but quick) interview with Adam Warren, too.

-If you don’t think digital comics are the future… well, have fun with your phonograms, horse & carriages, and that dying from tuberculosis thing. Print will undoubtedly stick around, but all the smart money is on digital comics that aren’t based around tights and fights. I like superheroes as much as the next man, but it’s time for some diversification, and I’m not talking about putting some chocolate sprinkles on your vanilla ice cream or a wise latina on the Supreme Court. I’m talking about comics about vampires, nurses, fast food, slice of life, lies, World War II, science fiction, detectives, and everything else that’s not, or poorly, represented by the Direct Market-focused comics industry.

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11 comments to “I Know Blog People Linkblogging”

  1. cool.

    also I can’t wait to see these guys weigh in on Billy Bat when it comes out. Urasawa has completely and utterly lost his fucking mind ala Frank Miller

  2. Funny, I’ve been reading comics about those things for awhile now. Maybe it’s just because I know where to look?

  3. Actually, that comment was a bit spurious. I don’t know, I just get annoyed at the idea that comics as they are today are nothing but superheroes, or reactions to the dominance of superhero comics. I have shelves and full of comics that aren’t superhero based, and the stores I shop at pimp everything like there’s no tomorrow. Maybe I’m just lucky to have started in an era where if you aren’t interested in superheroes you will still have plenty to read? Maybe I’m spoiled because I’m a savvy shopper. I agree that the word that comics ARE diverse needs to go out and not in an exasperating, forced “comics aren’t for kids anymore!” sort of way, either. I think digital comics are indeed the future, and like you said, print comics are still going to be around for all of us who love them.

    I think one of the important things that needs to happen as well is that superheroes need to become just another genre. Not disappear, but become another genre like any other. They are important to this medium and they should stick around, and I doubt anyone who doesn’t have an ax to grind would disagree.

  4. “-Over at the Factual, I make jokes about interracial dating and Nina Stone delivers the best review of Batgirl #1 thus far. Nina’s POV is great, and she wrote up a pretty funny review, too.”

    Why do you hurt me like that, David? Why do you hurt me?

    Now I am going over to argue with Ms. Stone.

  5. @Esther Inglis-Arkell: Obviously, he has a crush on you. Indeed, the sexual ten- ok even I can’t keep that up. Give ‘er hell, Esther!

  6. fight of the century. place your bets ladies and gentlemen.

  7. As much as I like the snappy banter, I’m a sucker for Leverage’s “competence porn”, as Ol’ Jonny Rogers calls it on his blog. I’d say last night’s Two Live Crew Job has been my favorite of the new season for that reason as well as some good character moments.

  8. Anyone want to speculate if the population of webcomic readers has gotten bigger than that of floppies yet? Or rather, how much bigger it is? Digital comics aren’t the future – they are the now.

    Webcomics are notable for the lack of superhero comics. There was always an audience for other genres, but the Big 2 on the floppy side never figured out how to sell to them for any length of time. Computers dropped the production and distribution costs of the art form to point where the newspaper syndicates and the Big 2 near-monopolies were broken, and BOOM – genre diversification. Now if we can just convince the newbies on the web to make their comics about something other than autobiography and/or smartass animals.

    Sometimes I feel like I on a completely different internet than most of comic fandom, like everyone else hasn’t noticed the webcomic alley at the conventions getting bigger and bigger.

  9. I am waiting on the e-book reader device that will make me happy. With bated breath, in fact.

    I am also waiting on my spec-science-fantasy mermaid/vampire/spy thriller romance comic. Hells, I might have to break down and write it myself.

  10. @Lea: A mermaid-vampire spy might actually get me to read a vampire book.

  11. I’ll get right on that.