No Effort Week: Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag

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In contrast to the wackness from the other day, here are some people who understand the internet:

-Paul Tobin and Colleen Coover’s Gingerbread Girl is going to be serialized online for free before being collected into a trade. You can preorder Gingerbread Girl or check it out on Top Shelf 2.0. Why is this cool? No particular order: 1) It’s free, which is always a nice price. 2) These are two extremely talented creators doing creator-owned work 3) Top Shelf 2.0 is nice and easy to use.

Young Justice is DC’s latest stab at a cartoon and it seems pretty okay. I watched the first two and thought it would be something good to binge on when they get like ten episodes down. I don’t have cable, though, which puts me at a disadvantage for watching it. BUT. Episodes go up on Amazon either the same night or the next morning after they air. Here’s a link to “Independence Day, Part 1”, the first episode of the season. It’s three bucks per HD episode or slightly less if you buy a season pass, which will also download episodes for you automatically. I like this, and I like that they’re not fooling around with idiotic delays or exclusivity. If you want to watch it, you can kick Amazon three dollars and watch it. Three bucks adds up over time, but taken in short doses? Easy as pie. All TV shows should do this.

-I wanted to check out that new Sherlock show, but paying seven bucks an episode for a show I’ve never seen, movie-length or not, seems like a bit much to do all at once. I looked up Luther, though, because Idris Elba is that dude and I’d heard that it was great. News flash: Luther is $0.99 per episode in HD, which makes it six whole dollars for the entire first season. Yes: this is good. Probably not sustainable, but if you want to talk about impulse purchases, this is how you do it. Price it lower to sell more.

Cat Shit One is coming to Youtube for free for two full weeks on Feb 5th, for at least one episode. This story of animals fighting in the MIddle East has had my attention for months now, and this release is great. Skip the first 1:15 of that video (it’s some dumb toy) and flick it over to display in 720p. It looks great, and I can’t wait to see it. If it ends up getting a digital release via Amazon or iTunes, I’m kicking money their way.

Skottie Young released The Adventures of Bernard the World Destroyer digitally for only two dollars. Bought it sight unseen. Young’s art is dope, and I’m curious to see how he swings when he does creator-owned.

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One comment to “No Effort Week: Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag”

  1. Sherlock is definitely worth it. I believe the BBC or PBS may still have it online for you to watch, I’m not sure. But if you can get it in HD, it is worth every penny because it does a lot of neat things that I haven’t seen before in a procedural drama or in a “modern day” adaptation. On top of that, it is very clever design-wise, with an interesting way of using texting that I haven’t seen before that is almost like comics.