No Effort Week Pretty Girls: Philip Bond

January 28th, 2011 by | Tags: ,

Visit his Flickr and buy whatever you see that has his name on it. He draws some of the best girls in comics.

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5 comments to “No Effort Week Pretty Girls: Philip Bond”

  1. Cosigned! Just found him on Deviantart too http://pjbond.deviantart.com/

  2. It’s nice to see Pretty Girls return, even in an abbreviated format like this.

  3. @Healy: It’ll be back in force a little later–I may get to do one next month as part of a Thing. From March on, though, I plan to bang them out at least biweekly, assuming I can find good sources on images.

    Thanks for the comment, too. It’s always nice to see people dig this.

  4. Ack! Thanks for reminding me of money I need to spend! One of my relatives got me the first two issues of Morrison and Bond’s Vimanarama for Christmas. (Why only the first two issues of a three issue mini-series, you ask? Because my family is notoriously cheap, and they probably found them in a thrift shop or stole them from the wooden magazine basket in a hipster Dentist’s office. Still, this WAS one of their better finds/buys/steals.) Anyway, I’ve gotta get that third issue to see how it all ends. Without spoilers, could anyone tell me: Is it a good Morrison ending…or one of those Morrison endings only the devotees will dig?

  5. @Ju-osh: Vimanarama is one of my top five favorite Morrison books. No worries.