The Last Boy on Earth

August 19th, 2007 by | Tags: , ,

Done by what could’ve been the sickest team on Earth?

Can you say “Brian Azzarello,” “Paul Pope,” and “Kamandi?”

Well, you almost did, but Pope went on to do Batman Year 100 and Azz to do Loveless.

Paul Pope’s Flickr. Take a look around.

Here is a very un-Pope Wonder Woman, save for the lasso. A very Pope Big Barda.

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5 comments to “The Last Boy on Earth”

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  2. I kinda broke this story, over at Millarworld, didn’t I? Yay me. That said, I’ll admit I was wary about bringing the Pope Flickr account to the comics blogosphere’s notice, which is why I didn’t break it earlier.

  3. I didn’t know that you broke it, actually. A friend shot me the link.

    Wary why? It’s a public account, and linked to his blog, near as I can tell!

  4. My sole internet claim to fame is stumbling across the Project Rooftop photobucket account. They switched it to private access like two days later.

  5. Wary because the link to it from his blog is obscure at best, kinda hidden, so one can’t really tell how public he expects his Flickr account to be. Plus, y’know, some comics fans can be persistent jerks.