Marvel vs. Capcom 3’s Roster Pretty Much Set in Stone

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So a few months ago, someone online posted a leaked list of the roster for Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Big deal, there are leaked lists all over the place and they have crap like Howard the Duck and Dio Brando in there. This specific list has been right on the money again and again for every reveal and leak. Especially the specifics of the downloadable characters. That does make me late to the party, but I post this now because the more interesting inclusions has finally been made public via leakage.

First, let’s look at the confirmed list:

– Morrigan Aensland
– Amaterasu
– Arthur
– Tron Bonne
– Captain America
– Chun-Li
– Crimson Viper
– Dante
– Deadpool
– Doctor Doom
– Dormammu
– Felicia
– Hulk
– Iron Man
– Magneto
– Chris Redfield
– Ryu
– She-Hulk
– Shuma Gorath
– Nathan “Rad” Spencer
– Spider-Man
– Storm
– Super-Skrull
– Thor
– Trish
– Jill Valentine
– Viewtiful Joe
– Albert Wesker
– Wolverine
– X-23
– Zero

From the list, that leaves seven characters left to be officially announced. The four who haven’t been hinted at in any capacity are Phoenix, Sentinel, Hsien-Ko and Akuma. About a month or so ago, a picture appeared online of a Capcom employee’s office with Mike Haggar on a monitor. So we got that going for us.

Today, an interesting development happened. On the Comic Art Fans website, Kevin Sharpe posted a few pages of the Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tie-in comic. Images included Hulk dealing with the Resident Evil crew and various Marvel guys fighting their counterparts from the trailers. Two pages are of special note. First off, the end boss. Behold the Devourer of Worlds.

Sweet! We got Galactus! Now for a page of Doctor Doom holding a meeting of the Marvel villains. We got Magneto, Super-Skrull, MODOK and… hello, who is this?

Hey, now! Taskmaster is now confirmed. Now my Deadpool/Taskmaster/Haggar team is a lock.

I would have linked to the Kevin Sharpe page, but wouldn’t you know it, his profile’s been deleted.

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10 comments to “Marvel vs. Capcom 3’s Roster Pretty Much Set in Stone”

  1. I want the Silver Surfer!!!

  2. The MvC3 achievements for Xbox 360 came out last week. They all but scream “AKUMA IS IN THE GAME” with the achievement “Satsui No Hadou” where players must fight to see who is the true “Master of the Fist”(a title Akuma often calls himself, heck his Street Fighter 3 theme song is even called as “Master of the Fist”). There’s also an achievement that awards you for winning with a team of 3 Darkstalkers. Hsien-Ko time, perhaps?

  3. Is it the classic Zero (MMX) or the metal panties Zero (MMXZ)?

    Also… the thought of Dan Hibiki vs. Galactus makes me unnaturally giddy.

  4. It’s kind of odd to have Dormammu as a character without Dr. Strange, don’t you think?

  5. No more odd than Shuma Gorath without Strange, or Blackheart without Ghost Rider I would think.

    I’m still a bit suspicious about the leaked list. No Mega Man? And why would they have to remove Frank West, who was hinted early on? If they could do him in TvC, I don’t see what the problem would be with putting him in MvC3. While the comic definitely makes Galactus and Taskmaster more likely, I do believe it was stated that characters that aren’t playable could still appear in story sequences. So, at this point, I’m not prepared to call anything confirmed if it doesn’t come straight from Capcom.

  6. @Gaijin D: It wouldn’t be the first Capcom crossover fighter with Zero but no Mega Man.

    The guy who leaked the list said that Frank West was meant to be in the game from the beginning, but his zombie supers are hell on the netplay so they had to shelve him unless they can fix him for DLC later on.

    Of course, I decided to believe the guy 100% when he gave the ultra-specific tidbit that Shuma Gorath and Jill Valentine would be in it as DLC characters.

  7. That’s what bugs me. They scrap the entire character because his supers are causing trouble? Why not just change the supers? It may have got Shuma and Jill right, but that’s info that was leaked by GameStop. Now, I’ve never worked there, but I did work video game retail, and I certainly had access to memos regarding things like upcoming collector’s editions. As far as having Zero but no Mega Man, wasn’t that in SvC, which wasn’t made by Capcom?

    I’m not saying I call BS on the list, but I’m not convinced. I feel there’s enough margin for error that it’d be better to wait and see.

  8. W4: It’s classic Zero, he’s even got his X2 theme in there. I don’t see why you’d use “white panties” to distinguish the two incarnations though, as I’m pretty sure they both sport unfortunate white trunks.

  9. I’m a little sad that Venom won’t be playable, cuz he was my favorite character in the second one, but I’m sure this game will still kick cosmic amounts of butt.
    Also, I gotta know, were those tie-in comic pages illustrated by Mark Bagley? That looks like his work.

  10. I was holding out for Phoenix Wright, who they apparently tried to code for Tatsunoko Vs. – but I can’t say that I’m surprised.