On Shadowland: Power Man 2

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Shadowland: Power Man 2
Words by Fred Van Lente, art by Mahmud Asrar.

I think it’s fair that I speak for both myself and Gavin and say that this is our review of the issue:

I look forward to this being used as a pull quote for the trade.

(More on this later, as I think that the way this book approaches black life in the Marvel U is super interesting, and ties into something else I’ve been meaning to talk about [Aqualad]. I just wanted to put this out there. Get up on it.)



Hey, folks. Gavin here, totally horning in on David’s wonderful post. For those of you who are reading Shadowland: Power Man and you need a retro who’s who, check out my twoparter on Luke Cage’s early villains. Also helps if you read the Luke Cage miniseries from a couple months ago and wondered who the hell Lionfang is.

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10 comments to “On Shadowland: Power Man 2”

  1. When I got to Mr. Fish, I blurted out “No damn way.”

    And perfect, modern, conversational spanish. I wanted to cry.

  2. Between this and the new Taskmaster mini, Van Lente’s been on a roll this month.

  3. Dang, I think I need to get Shadowland: Power Man.

  4. Also, I’m picturing those two dogs dancing to “Get On The Good Foot” by James Brown.

  5. I’m Dan Coyle, and I approve this review.

  6. Is Gavin the small one or the big one?

  7. I’m definitely the Brad Garrett dog.


  8. Well ain’t that cute?


  10. Two Stupid Dogs > Ren and Stimpy…lol