Fourcast! 57: Sidekick Shodown

August 9th, 2010 by | Tags: , , ,

-Ouch, this weekend was a b-word.
-So this p-word is going up with minimal shownotes.
-Sidekick Shodown!
-Esther’s rolling with the Robins.
-David has Captain America’s henchboy turned cyborg assassin turned shield slinger.
-6th Sense’s 4a.m. Instrumental for the theme music.
-See you, space cowboy!

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4 comments to “Fourcast! 57: Sidekick Shodown”

  1. The new Nomad used to be a Bucky and I guess her Cap was also Steve Rogers from 616 somehow?

  2. @LurkerWithout: If I recall – Franklin Richards shoves wounded/”dead” heroes from Onslaught incident into a pocket universe, returns them after they heal up. This universe is known as the “Heroes Reborn” world and I forget its number. So yeah, until he came back to 616, Rikki served alongside our Steve Rogers.

    Let’s not cover the miniseries that involved her crossing over into 616, shall we? (onslaught reborn would be the ultimate bridge-burning if you wanted to stop “you made me read this” with a bang)

  3. Cap had alot more “sidekicks” or partners, D-Man, Falcon, Rick Jones, Nomad – Jack Monroe & now Rikki Barnes, Vagabond, BattleStar – technically John Walkers sidekick, Free Spirit and Jack Flag who now kicks ass in Guardians of the Galaxy.

  4. From what I understand, DC had already planned to killing Stephanie, but then Didio was worried that people wouldn’t care about Spoiler dying, so they made her Robin so that her death would have more impact.

    As for why they were killing off Stephanie, War Games pretty much saw the mass evacuation of the female hero population of Gotham. Barbara Gordon (and Huntress and Black Canary) left, Cassandra Cain left for Bludhaven, Steph was killed, Leslie Thompkins supposedly let Steph die and left for Africa (where Batman confronted her and was like “never come back!”). We saw Onyx again in Under the Hood, but then Jason Todd stabbed her in the shoulder, and aside from hanging out with Cass in Bludhaven that one time, I don’t think we’ve seen her since.