Fourcast! 53: Predators

July 12th, 2010 by | Tags: ,

-We saw Predators!
-Now it’s time to ruin it for you.
-It may sound like we’re damning it with faint praise, but it’s honestly a pretty good movie.
-Well cast, well acted.
-It’s pretty dumb, and very outlandish, but in a good way.
-That’s about it, really.
-There is a conversation about Superman and Batman vs Aliens and Predator that got left on the cutting room floor, though.
-6th Sense’s 4a.m. Instrumental for the theme music.
-See you, space cowboy!

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7 comments to “Fourcast! 53: Predators”

  1. YES, somebody else who agrees with me about Alien 3 vs. Aliens! thank you, Esther! 😀 have you seen the assembly cut of Alien 3, though??? it’s on the “quadrilogy” edition of the dvd, or whatever it’s called. that is the one to watch, it makes the hacked together theatrical version look like a pile of puke!

  2. (so embarrassed leaving another comment) oh yeah, Esther, if you’re interested in that new Piranha movie, it’s a remake of an older movie from the 70s of the same name which you’d also love if you dig monster movies. 😉

    okay, i’m done.

  3. @ross: I remember that movie. It was a rip off of Jaws then and it’s a rip off of Jaws now. Which is why I much prefer Piranha 2: The Spawning.

  4. I can’t think of other “action” movies with Brody, but he’s done some good noir stuff…

  5. Spotter’s also keep track of things like wind speeds, distance, etc so that the sniper can concentrate on putting a bullet in someone…

  6. Do they say anything on the level of “If it bleeds we can kill it”

  7. For a great (and harrowing) read about what spotters do for snipers, read “Jarhead” by Anthony Swofford.

    And, here’s some trivia: IIRC, John Sayles did the screenplay of the original Pirhaha.