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Informal poll time. What books are you regularly reading? I buy a lot of stuff off the wall or via Amazon, so my pull list is kept fairly short. Right now, the books I buy regularly are
Amazing Spider-Man, Captain America, Captain America/Black Panther: Flags of Our Fathers, Hellblazer, Joe the Barbarian, King City, and Unknown Soldier. I got One Piece 28-31 in today, as well as Vagabond, Vol. 7 (VIZBIG Edition). Tomorrow, though, the first Power Girl: A New Beginning trade gets in, replacing the singles and hooking me up with ones I skipped. I don’t normally get so much from Amazon at once, but a couple preorders came due.

So, what do you read weekly? What do you buy later?

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37 comments to “What are you reading?”

  1. Not 100% accurate, but what I can think of off the top of my head…

    Buy in singles (ongoings)
    Bendis Avengers stuff, Captain America, Thor, Secret Warriors, SHIELD, glamourpuss, Gravel, RASL, Doktor Sleepless, Punishermax, Godland, Batman and Robin, Scalped, Greek Street, The Unwritten, Ultimate Comics Avengers, and the Boys.

    Buy in singles (minis currently going on)
    Demo, Anna Mercury, Captain Swing, First Wave, Great Ten, Daytripper, Marvels Project, Supergod, Sparta USA, Nemesis: The Imposters, Spider-Man: Fever, Joe the Barbarian… maybe something else. DV8 and the second Crossed series are starting up this week, so we’ll see.

    Buy in trades
    DMZ (behind), Hellblazer, Irredeemable/Incorruptible (read in pdfs to buy in trade later), Power Girl (began buying with #7, but then, #10 wasn’t in my shop, so may as well just get both trades).

  2. The books I get in singles: Amazing Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, REBELS, Warlord, and Batman & Robin. Thor is getting added once SIEGE is over; I had been getting Thor in trades, but I love Pasqual Ferry’s work and would rather not wait. I recently dropped Batman because of the news Winnick wouldn’t be back (I rather liked his stuff this time around), just in time to want to pick it up anyways because Grant Morrison will be back, at least for a little while. I’m starting to wonder if I really want to keep getting Amazing Spider-Man, and Warlord is getting cancelled according to the new DC solicits.

    I get Conan, Nova, Uncanny X-Men, Street Fighter, and Superman (at least the ones Superman is actually in) in collections.

  3. Joe the Barbarian is the first series in years that I’ve bought as ongoing singles.

    Just picked up Secret Six, Batman and Robin, and Fables in trades. Will keep up with those. Other recent stuff includes the awesome afrodisiac, but unfortunately that is not an ongoing series.

  4. I pick up Secret Six, Batman & Robin and 2000AD as floppies, Wonder Woman likewise but only inconsistently.

    I’ve been picking up Yotsuba& recently. I actually read most of the series as fan-done translations and scans, but I thought it was about time I paid my dues and bought the official ones.

  5. just finished Chariots of the Gods
    currently reading
    The God Dellusion by Richard Dawkins
    Night Business by Benjamin Marra

  6. Singles wise: Fables, Jack of Fables, Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, whatever the current Power Pack mini is, Ex Machina, Tick, Jack Staff, Astro CIty, Godland, Rasl, Invincible, Proof, Savage Dragon, Marvel Zombies when Van Lente writes it, Secret Six, daytripper, Unwritten, Lockjaw & the Pet Abvengers, Girl Comics (if it ever comes out again), Dynamo5 (ditto), Knights of the Dinner Table, Jersey Gods, ps238, Orc Stain, Scalped, The Initative (not sure if I’ll switch to Avengers Academy when it starts), Criminal/Incognito (whichever Brubaker is doing), Angel

    I’m probably forgetting some. I’m also tentatively checking out Turf and Kill Shakespeare…

    For trades I either replace singles, grab stuff on sale or work my way down a very long list…

  7. Singles: Batman, Power Girl, Unwritten, Batgirl, Tiny Titans, Joe the Barbarian, Cinderella, Incorruptible/Irredeemable. Just started reading Doom Patrol, loved it, adding it to my pull ASAP. When Incognito fires up again, it’ll be on there as well.

    Trades: Invincible is my only tradewait, older runs on multiple books (Nightwing, Flash, Batman) – waiting for Enigma to come in the mail.

  8. Buy on Wednesdays:
    Amazing Spider-Man, American Vampire, Anything by Grant Morrison, Matt Fraction, Jason Aaron, Geoff Johns, Brian Michael Bendis, Jonathan Hickman, or Ed Brubaker, REBELS, Tiny Titans, Adventure Comics, Batman, Daredevil, Daytripper, Irredemable, Avengers Origin, GØDLAND, Demo, Marvel Zombies, Nemesis: The Imposters, Spider-Man: Fever, Sweet Tooth, Punisher, Northlanders.

    Buy in Trades:
    Walking Dead, Fables

  9. I started catching up on Scott Pilgrim late last year and have been picking it up intermittently, and still need to get the rest of Pluto.
    Also been reading some old Grant Morrison Doom patrol and love it, especially the Brotherhood of Dada. Also, I finally came around to BPRD and am wanting to pick up the trades asap.
    Like everyone else, I’m picking up Joe the Barbarian as floppy. I don’t quite have the income to pick up a lot of books consistently, so I’m looking forward to getting the current trades for AS-M, Power Girl, Secret Six, and… i dunno. The list goes on.

    Do webcomics factor into this? I’ve been reading a lot of the usual – Penny Arcade, Nedroid, Hark/Vagrant Johnny Wander,, etc, but I’ve been addicted to Derek Kirk Kim’s Tune ( http://lowbright.com/comics/tune/tune_index.htm ) even at its two-panels-a-day pace. As far as Indie comics go, Flight is always worth a look.

  10. Not surprisingly, my list is 99.8% manga: 20th Century Boys, Ooku: The Inner Chambers, Real, Ikigami: The Ultimate Limit, Fire Investigator Nanase, From Eroica with Love, Swan, Black Jack, Yotsuba&!, Goong: The Royal Palace, Detroit Metal City. I’ve also been buying Usagi Yojimbo (usually in trades) and a lot of one-shots (non-manga).

  11. By the way, if anyone is thinking about picking up the latest volume of The Times of Botchan (now available after a two-year hiatus), I’d definitely advise reading two novels that inspired the work: Natsume Soseki’s I Am a Cat and Botchan, both of which I just finished and found hilarious.

  12. Godland, Criminal, Daytripper, Umbrella Academy when it comes back, Spidey/Strange: Fever, Shield, Orc Stain, King City, Pluto just ended – haven’t bought the finale yet, Sword just ended, I’ll buy Casanova when it stops being reprints. Rasl I’m waiting for the oversized volume this time. Joe the Barbarian I gave up on because Morrison is letting me down a lot lately.

    Trades – I have the huge Eddie Campbell Alec book on deck right now, just finished all the Ennis Punisher Max and Kirby Eternals, and I’ve read Brandon Graham’s Escalator like 10 times in the past 3 weeks.

    Mostly just King City.

  13. I stopped buying singles a couple years ago, except for the occasional impulse buy, or the first issue of a hot new topic (First Wave, SHIELD.) All trades, all the time.

    Trades I’m catching up on:
    Fables, Powers, Runaways, Scott Pilgrim, Secret Six, Walking Dead.

    After those, it’s back to:
    Atomic Robo, DMZ, Hercules, Squadron Supreme (my guiltiest pleasure.)

    There’s, like, ten thousand other things on the ‘to read eventually’ list, but those are the top hits.

  14. Oh, and I totally forgot to mention the Marvel Adventures Avengers, which I still dig.

  15. Jonah Hex, Daytripper, Sweet Tooth, Scalped, Detective Comics, Streets of Gotham, Captain America, Agents of Atlas and Hercules (wherever their stories are continuing) Hellblazer, The Walking Dead.

    I buy Love and Rockets, DMZ, Invincible and Ex Machina in trades, but mostly I read singles and just get the stuff I missed first time around or OGNs in trades.

  16. Oh and Criminal/Incognito monthly.

  17. Trades only, but:

    New Avengers
    Scott Pilgrim
    Ultimate Spider-Man
    Avengers:The Initiative
    Assorted Batman/Joker related stuff.

    I try to pick up as many classics (i.e. Dark Knight Returns) as I can.

  18. Ongoings I buy currently (all in singles): Batgirl, Secret Six, Power Girl, Nova, Guardians of the Galaxy, Deadpool, Amazing Spider-Man if I like the writer, artist, or specific characters in a story. Of those, Batgirl is getting a tryout through the summer, when I’ll decide whether it stays or goes. Power Girl will be in that boat once Palmiotti, Gray, and Conner are gone. I’ve already decided I’m done with Deadpool after June, and Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy have been MIA from the solicits the last two months, which is a bummer.

    I’m going to add Atlas, and give Hawkeye and Mockingbird a whirl. I’ll probably try Secret Avengers, though I really wish Brubaker had gotten Immonen or Romita Jr., and Bendis could have Deodato. That’d increase my enthusiasm considerably. I might pick Secret Avengers up in trades, which would be the first time I took that approach with an ongoing. I’m usually too impatient to wait for TPBs, and too cheap to shell out for hardcovers.

    Mini-series (all as singles): Avengers vs. Atlas and Girl Comics right now, but in the next couple of months I’ll add Thanos Imperative, Heralds, Batman Beyond, Darkwing Duck, and that Black Cat mini-series, for at least a couple of issues.

    Manga: Hellsing (eagerly awaiting the final volume), and I’m slowly catching up on Yotsuba.

  19. I buy mostly floppies.

    DC: Flash, All Batman related books (minus Confidential, Gotham City Sirens), Booster Gold, Power Girl, Joe the Barbarian, Authority Lost Year, First Wave, Brave/Bold, Fables books, all GL books, Great Ten, REBELS, All Superman books, Unwritten, The Shield, Secret Six

    Marvel: Daredevil, Captain America, all 3 Hickman books, Abnett/Lanning Cosmic books, Invincible Iron Man, Pet Avengers, Nemesis, PunisherMAX, Thor, Thunderbolts, Anything Ultimate by Bendis and Millar, Hercules, Atlas

    Other: Irredeemable, Incorruptible, Invincible, Chew, Buffy

    I get tradewait for stuff like Criminal, select Vertigo series and for whatever really stands out.

  20. Yeah, wow. Here we go.

    DC: Superman, Action Comics, Last Stand of New Krypton, Supergirl, Adventure Comics, Batman and Robin, Batman, Batman and Robin, Detective Comics, Brightest Day, Green Lantern, Green Lantern Corps, Justice League of America, Justice League: Generation Lost, The Shield, The Flash, Booster Gold.

    Vertigo: Unwritten, Joe the Barbarian, Air.

    Marvel: New Avengers, Dark Avengers, Fantastic Four, Uncanny X-Men, X-Men Legacy, New Mutants, X-Force, Captain America, Invincible Iron Man, Secret Warriors, Marvels Project, Siege, Siege: Embedded, Amazing Spider-Man, Web of Spider-Man, Wolverine Weapon X, Wolverine Origins, Dark Wolverine, Thor, Thunderbolts, Ultimate Spider-Man, Ultimate Enemy, Incredible Hulk, Franken-Castle, X-Factor, Ultimate Avengers, Deadpool, Guardians of the Galaxy, Nova, Torch, NA: Luke Cage, Iron Man Legacy, Hercules (in whatever form it’s in at the moment), (Agents of) Atlas (see previous).

    Icon: Like, everything. Powers, Criminalcognito, Casanova, Scarlet I guess, the works.

    Trades: Scalped is it, really. Yotsuba&. Reading Billy Bat via scanlations because I’m a bad boy, and also the hardcovers/trades I pick up that aren’t serialized or whatever. The last few books I picked up were Hickman’s three creator-owned trades, Footsteps in Gaza, Ganges and Jimmy Corrigan so, yeah.

  21. Make that FootNOTES in Gaza, and also a kick to the nuts. Also, I forgot Pixie Strikes Back and Marvels Project.

  22. Forgot to mention Mignola’s books. Get those in trades since Mignola has a habit of adding loads of extras you can’t get in floppies

    @David Uzumeri: Jesus Lee Harvey Oswald

  23. Action
    Brightest Day
    Tiny Titans
    Joe the Barbarian
    Atomic Robo
    Pet Avengers

    Yeah, mostly DC.

  24. Archie gals and pals double digest (don’t judge me, lecture halls are boring)
    amazing spiderman
    the authority
    Street fighter
    and w/e i can get my hands on

  25. If Borders or Barnes & Nobles carries it, I’ll take a swing at it. Cap: Reborn, Mysterious the Unfathomable and the two Unknown Soldier trades were the last few I think. Oh those Vertigo Crime books have been pretty weak.

    OneManga is good for whatever Viz stuff the library doesn’t have; Urasawa, Vagabond, the one with the talking bear.

    King City & Orc Stain when I remember to go to a shop.

    Witzke hooked me up with Soft City & Marra’s Night Business from MOCCA.

    lately I have been a magnet for 70’s & 80’s licensed Marvel stuff; John Carter, King Conan, Rom, Killraven, etc. Found some Essentials at the recycling center & a used bookstore had shelves of quarter comics on sale last week. I bought almost all of the old Cat and Mouse comics, because, you know, ninjas.

  26. Monthlies I buy currently:

    Batgirl, Red Robin, Secret Six, Wonder Woman, Booster Gold, Streets of Gotham, Detective Comics, Kill Shakespeare (just started), Batman (occasionally). Ones I’m looking forward to are Birds of Prey (YAY!), Justice League: Generation Lost, The Return of Bruce Wayne, and Red Hood: Lost Days. I also finally remembered to pick up Girl Comics #1 last week.

    Trades/Graphic Novels:

    I’ll likely end up getting the first Batman and Robin trade whenever the softcover version comes out. Stuff I’ve picked up recently and am making my way through: Quarter-Life Crisis by Evan Munday (basically, it’s a post-apocalyptic story set in Toronto where the only people left alive are 25-year-olds), first volume of Yotsuba&!, Possessions: Unclean Getaway by Ray Fawkes, Richard Stark’s Parker: The Hunter, Buddha: Volume One by Osamu Tezuka, and the first Scalped trade. I am also really excited for the Showcase Presents: Suicide Squad book that’s coming out in a few months, because it’s about time that series was collected/reprinted.


    – Something*Positive
    – Hark! A Vagrant!
    – Shortpacked!
    – XKCD
    – Dinosaur Comics
    – (probably something else I’m forgetting)

    Comics I keep meaning to get/read:

    Red: A Haida Manga
    Watchmen (I’m the last person on Earth who hasn’t read it)
    – More Scott Pilgrim (I only have the first two volumes, and have only read the first)
    Mercury, by Hope Larson
    Zombies Calling, by Faith Erin Hicks
    – At some point I should probably read something by Frank Miller that isn’t ASBAR.
    – The Justice League: International volumes I don’t have.

  27. Hmmmm…let’s see…

    Ongoing Singles:
    Avengers: Initiative – Sadly, ending soon :frown: If I remember correctly, this is the ongoing I’ve been following the longest, and one of the first series that I got into and stuck with when I first got into comics as a regular thing (Taskmaster helped). Sad to see it go.
    Captain America – Considering dropping this, will depend on the next issue
    Deadpool Team-Up
    Deadpool Corps
    – Yeah, I know. I don’t really need to read this much Deadpool, but I can’t help it. He’s like a frikken’ drug!
    Iron Man
    Secret Warriors
    Guardians of the Galaxy
    Ultimate Spider-Man
    – Let’s face it, that’s what it is, no matter what they re-named it. :rolleyes:
    SHIELD – Though interestingly, it came off far less effectively for me than I read out of most of the reviews. Giving it till the end of it’s first arc (or, if doesn’t have those in a traditional sense, a few issues or so) to hook me, otherwise I’m dropping it.

    Arguable case – Marvel Adventures – Old back issues of the series (pre-retooling) from my comic shops old stock, usually when they’re on sale. (I picture myself buying a large number of these when they do their annual sale they hold on Free Comic Book Day)

    Current Mini-Series Singles:
    Thor and the Warriors Four – AKA, Power Pack. Didn’t know a whole lot about them before this, now I can totally see why they have a following. (<3 Energizer!)
    Siege – Well, yeah…
    Die-Hard Year One</strong – It ended this past week, but was getting it (first after thinking it would be shorter than it was, then thinking it was an ongoing, then surprised to see it end…)
    Thanos Imperative – On the flip side, it hasn’t actually started yet, but I already know I’ll be reading it. Also, for some reason, I keep wanting to call it Thanos “Initiative”. :raise:

    Current Trades:
    Atomic Robo – The book that got me started into being open to waiting and buying trades for some series. Started when my shop was unable to obtain the single issues for some reason to which I have no clue, and have stuck with it since.
    X-Men Noir – Wasn’t sure on it when it first came out, so waited till the TPB, especially when I became of the mind it would probably be better to read all at once anyway. Planning to do the same for the sequel and the newly started Iron Man Noir.
    Ultimate Avengers – I’m trying to avoid starting new series with ongoing $4 price tags (making exceptions for ‘relaunches’ such as Ultimate Spider-Man), so I’m waiting on this. Plus, it’ll probably go better with the original Millar Ultimates runs when I finally pick those up.

    Potential Series: (Things I’m considering picking up, but on the fence about committing to yet, mostly because of $$$)
    Thor – Followed Clor over from Avengers: Initiative, will see how that turns out, but considering sticking with it.
    Batgirl – Johnny C., dude. Anyway, I’ll probably pick up last weeks issue just for him, and see if I actually like it. If I do, and I end up dropping Captain America, It’ll :effort: probably be a lock. Also, my first or second entry into adding DC ongoings to my pick list. (In which case, I’ll have Esther to thank. Her and Johnny C.)
    Green Lantern Title – Been hearing a lot of good things about these series, Corps especially, and been considering making one of them a regular pick after having so much fun on the Marvel side of the greater universe. Held out for the end of Blackest Night for a potential starting point, so now that that’s done I’ll be looking through the series to see which one I like the most (if any)

    And, because the trend has started:
    *Irregular Webcomic
    **Darths & Droids
    **Square Root of Minus Garfield
    *Pebble Version – But probably won’t be following it for much longer
    *8-Bit Theater – At least I was till it ended recently
    *Order of the Stick
    *Bitmap World – But not regularly. More in chunks
    *2P Start!
    *The Last Shot
    *Brawl in the Family
    *Manly Guys Doing Manly Things

  28. I still buy singles, so on a monthly basis I buy Batman & Robin; Chew; Daredevil; Fables; Flash; Green Lantern; Madam Xanadu; Amazing Spider-Man and The Unwritten. And I’ll be checking out I, Zombie and whatever continuation of Batwoman comes along, if only for Allred’ and JH Williams always brilliant art.

    I also buy the following mini-series: Hellboy; Joe The Barbarian; Rasl; Stumptown and will buy The Return of Bruce Wayne; Multiversity as well as Umbrella Academy; Casanova and Fell, whenever they next appear.

    Finally, graphic novels I’ve been meaning to get but haven’t got around to yet are Aphrodisiac; The Creeper; Parker; and the third volumes of the collected Gotham Central and Tiny Titans.

    Which, when I write them down like that, seems like a lot of comics a month!

  29. Weekly – Green Lantern (at least through Wednesday, #53 might be the last one), Fables, The Boys and the Butcher limited series, whenever they get around to it, Siege (just the main limited series, my jumping off point for Marvel), Ex Machina.

    Trades – I can’t think of anything ongoing that I prefer to buy in trades, I’ve mostly been catching up on finished or old series as they’re released. Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing, Transmetropolitan, Starman omnibi, just got the last volume of Johns’ GL run I needed the other day, Cerebus, Lone Wolf and Cub, and waiting on volume 2 of the Bloom County collections they’ve started putting out

  30. I read more books in the shop than I buy, but the owner of my LCS is cool with it because I am a regular who drops stupid amounts of money on HeroClix there.

    Hulked-Out-Heroes is a thing of beauty and transcendant joy. Hulkpool kidnaps Bob, Agent of Hydra and has him use Doom’s time machine to send Hulkpool back in time so that he can kill puny Deadpool. Bob’s usual level of competence kicks in, though, and instead we have Hulkpool teaming up with Blackbeard Thing, Devil Dinosaur and Moon Boy to terrorise Two-Gun Kid and Hawkeye in the old west. If this book comes out in a trade, I’m totally buying it.

    As for the ones I do buy, I’m enjoying Echo, Joe the Barbarian, Unwritten (whose latest issue has the clear moral Do Not Fuck With Beatrix Potter), Astonishing X-Men, and P.S. 238. I’m also collecting the Transmetropolitan, Gotham Central and Hitman trades.

    Anybody who enjoys superheros should be reading P.S. 238, btw. It’s about a public school where kids with superpowers learn how to use their powers in between classes like Math and English. This is one of the few books that you can enjoy no matter how old and/or sophisticated you are. And it’s got a five year-old supergenius would-be world conqueror with a chip in his head that makes him sing show tunes when he tries to curse. What’s not to love about that?

  31. D’oh! Completely forgot to mention I’m collecting First Wave one dose at a time. I can’t wait to see where it’s going.

  32. Forgot Astonishing X-Men; probably because of how long it’s been since I’ve seen an issue of it.

  33. I tried out the new Flash book and I don’t think I’ll be adding that to my monthly list.

  34. I really prefer trades, but I tend to buy singles for series that I expect to be undersupported in the market, hence the high percentage of female-led books in my pull list:

    Power Girl, Wonder Woman, Birds of Prey (soon), Secret Six, Batman & Robin, Madame Xanadu, Daytripper, Detective (and will get the recently announced next Batwoman). I tried the first issue of the new Black Widow, and may pick up next month’s.

    Regular trade purchases: Hellboy, BPRD, Fraction’s Iron Man (after getting that recent huge hardcover), Capt. America, Fables, Scalped, the Modesty Blaise newspaper reprints from Titan, Witchblade, soon intend to try The Unwritten, need to catch up on Usagi Yojimbo … that’s all I can think of.

  35. Hmmm…the comment I tried posting yesterday seems to have gone into the wind. Guess I’ll try again, but keep it shorter.

    Monthly–Agents of Atlas, Secret Six, Birds of Prey, Captain America, New Avengers, Mighty Avengers (soon to be replaced by Avengers), Thunderbolts, Astro City. The Avengers and Thunderbolts titles are through a Marvel subscription that I’m trying to decide whether to renew or not. Probably not. I’m trying to cut down on my monthlies. I’m also trying S.H.I.E.L.D. and Secret Avengers. Just dropped GL, JLA, JSA, and the G.I. Joe stuff. I’ll be adding the new G.I. Joe series that picks up from the Marvel continuity.

    Trades–Muppets. If I drop the Avengers stuff, I may follow in trade. My library does a good job of stocking stuff, so I may just request them through there. That’s what I’ve been doing with the Batman and GL stuff.

    My reading pile is huge. Right now, it has a number of books from my library including a couple GL Corps trades, LoSH trade, Spirit trade, Secret Invasion: Thor, and Umbrella Academy 2. Just finished Logicomix (which was surprisingly awesome). I also just got a big shipment from B&N from a gift card I got for Christmas. It had Incognito, Asterios Polyp, Nightly News, Grandville, and A Drifting Life. Also in the stack: Marvel Adventures: Avengers Vol. 10, Crogan’s March, Cable/Deadpool: Living Legends, Northlanders Vol. 1, Hitman Vol. 1, Mysterious the Unfathomable, first couple Akira volumes, Lone Wolf & Cub Vol. 1, and many more that I can’t think of right now. I gotta start focusing on reading. Just not enough time in the day.

    I also read about 30 webcomics. Not going to list those right now.

  36. Most of the books I’m really passionate about right now are on the indie black & white self-published side of things. Books like Wuvable Oaf, Princess Witch Boy, Hard to Swallow, Empowered, Love & Rockets: New Stories and Tarot Witch of the Black Rose are all at the top of my pile.

    I’ve just recently gotten back into Image by way of Image United and I’m also getting Invincible, Haunt, Savage Dragon and Youngblood whenever it actually comes out which is hardly ever.

    I’m currently only getting two Marvel books, Astonishing X-Men and X-Men: Pixie Strikes Back.

    I’m getting a few Vertigo books: Scalped, Hellblazer and Joe the Barbarian.

    And as far as the Big Two superhero stuff goes I’m mostly digging on some DC right now, Batman & Robin (I was originally being picky about the artists and only getting the Frank Quitely and Cameron Stewart stuff but the latest arc changed my mind and had me going back to pick up the Philip Tan issues I had skipped so now I’m getting them all), Power Girl (until Amanda Conner leaves), Secret Six and Justice League of America.

  37. Singles: Thunderbolts, Captain America, Batman & Robin, Criminal/Incognito, Stumptown, Punisher, Detective Comics. I also tend to get some mini-series in singles, not necessarily everyone that catches my eye. I can see me getting the Return of Bruce Wayne, Batman Beyond, 7 Psycopaths and Darkwing Duck series. Gonna want those Captain America fake newspaper strips too. With a higher budget I could get three times as many comics or more as there is so much I like the look of.

    The trades are too numerable to mention, and not just current stuff, like to get a lot of early 00’s stuff I missed the first time as well as older stuff. There is probably more diversity to my trades, a fair bit of Vertigo, some Image, Boom!, DC, Marvel. I’d add Top Shelf but that really only means Box Office Poison and Too Cool To Be Forgotten. But I always try to mix it up a bit and try all flavours.