Fourcast! 41: Fishtalker Showdown

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-Continuity Off! Namor vs Aquaman!
-I take the lead, again, with Namor.
-Esther has Aquaman, husband to the most popular DC Comics character ever.
-Yes, I do confuse Master Man with Maxi-man. Hush.
-It was raining while we were recording, so when I’m talking about how it sounds like Namor’s invading outside… pretend like you can hear the rain.
-I don’t regret my “haters gon’ hate” joke. Haters gonna hate on Atlanteans, that’s why they’re always getting invaded and destroyed.
-Also Atlanteans are SUPER racist, Marvel and DC both.
-This is the fantastic Roger Jr ending from Tekken 5:

-Yep, Esther made a “shave and a haircut, two bits!” joke.
-Here is the final word on Namor vs Aquaman. Aquaman has never been in as great of a story as Michael Kupperman’s “Fed Up With Man” from Strange Tales. Beat this, fishface:

-A hook hand, a popular wife… ridiculous.
-We talked for a long dang time about some fish.
-6th Sense’s 4a.m. Instrumental for the theme music.
-See you, space cowboy!

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11 comments to “Fourcast! 41: Fishtalker Showdown”

  1. From what’s said on the Fourcast, I’d say that Namor has a more entertaining personality but Aquaman’s got the more interesting history(most of the commentary about the latter seems to be about things that happen to Aquaman rather than things that he’s done).
    Y’know, I was actually rather fond of Aquaman’s nineties’ Justice League animated look, with the beard and the metal….whatever it was that he wore.

  2. “-Esther has Aquaman, husband to the most popular DC Comics character ever.”

    Batman and Aquaman gay married?!

    I’m really behind on my reading…

  3. Wasn’t Namor’s wife Marrina?

    and someone NEEDS to find this comic with Namor getting all 😡 about his seaweed speedo being jacked

    that and I would pay to see a scene like this

    Reed Richards: You’re a jerk
    Namor: I know

  4. This is podcast of the year hands down. You two need to collab on Namor and Aquaman Team-up.

  5. The fact that Aquaman is one of the few instances were DC copied Marvel leaves him at an early disadvantage. Add to the fact that personality wise, Namor is essentially a somewhat less homicidal Black Adam, and Aquaman really is kind of lacking in comparison.

    I dunno, I never actually read the story arc, but from my understanding, Aquaman let Black Manta kill his son, and all he did about it was cry. Namor executed his son for starting up terrorist cells and compromising the safety of Atlantis. Plus, Namor has got the classic WWII stuff going for him when people do remember him, despite the speedo, while contemporary pop-culture has labeled Aquaman the wussiest super-hero around.

  6. Well, Namor’s pretty solid. Didn’t he and Hulk once punch each other so hard that they started an earthquake or something?

    Also, the trunks-stealing incident just reminded me of a story during Gail Simone’s Agent X run where the protagonist was hired by a guy who collected famous people’s underwear. I can’t remember who the target was though.

  7. I am a complete and utter DC fanboy, I’m buying Brightest Day and worship Johns.

    And even I see the that Namor is better.

  8. i agree that aquaman is one of the few times that dc copied marvel. i am a dc fan all the way…but namor has both the more interesting personality and the more interesting history. namor has after all declared war on the human race many times. he appeared in the second ever super-hero team-up when he met and fought the original human torch. death seems to follow namor everywhere he goes. his father was murdered by the tiger shark in the sub-mariner’s first marvel magazine. the lady dorma was killed. his world war two girl friend betty dean was killed in super-villain team-up saving namor’s life. the sub-mariner is torn between two cultures. (so should be aquaman, but i don’t recall dc ever addressing this inward cultural clash.) there is all the drama of namor being prince/king of atlantis or not. he has been ousted from the throne by his own people. he has also fought against the armies of atlantis in their bid to conquer the surface world. he has teamed-up with the hulk and dr. doom. he revived steve rogers/captain america. he married a shape shifter. he tore the wings/fins off of the ankles of one of his sons. as previously mentioned he did kill one of his sons for selling out atlantis. he has fought the hulk to a standstill many times. he even defeated the hulk in hulk’s own magazine (issue #118). he recently nearly killed iron man by tearing off his helmet under water. namor all the way!

  9. also, let’s not forget namor’s love/lust for sue storm. never mind that these day’s she is a married lady.

    i never did buy byrne’s explanation of namor having a chemical balance when he stayed in one environment too long…subby does what subby wants to!

  10. @VersasoVantare:
    the hulk and subby have fought to a standstill many times. in hulk #118 the sub-mariner defeated the hulk. in defenders #52 they fought to a standstill. one caption in that defenders story stated something to the effect of when witnesses told of the clash to future generations they would tell them that new york shook during their battle…or something to that effect. i don’t think that the hulk has ever defeated namor. i think on land it is a standstill and in the water subby wins.

  11. there is an interesting and funny blog called namor vs. new york.

    keep in mind these days, namor usually wears the black outfit.