When I’m Stuck With a Day That’s Gray and Lonely

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Why is this example of dudekissing stuck under the only sad line from ‘Tomorrow’?  It doesn’t make sense!  After all, this panel from Dark Wolverine #84 has everything.  Action, adventure, someone being a jerk, and it’s all in a title that is epic, overwhelming silliness.  Also, as I said before, dudekissing.

Why, because it’s Marvel, of course!

When David told me about Daken, Wolverine’s freaky son/clone who had mind-control sex powers that he used on everyone, I did not entirely believe him.  Now I see that it’s true.  Too bad he’s such a psychotic jerk (Daken, not David.  David is nice.).

DC, it’s about time you had some crazy, love-power-having bisexual characters blatantly made for rampant and gratuitous fangirl service.  Dick and Roy, separately and together, are half-way there already.  And they’re good guys!  Get on that!  I have faith in you!

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7 comments to “When I’m Stuck With a Day That’s Gray and Lonely”

  1. I fully support the move to include more dude-kissing in DC Comics.

  2. “DC, it’s about time you had some crazy, love-power-having bisexual characters blatantly made for rampant and gratuitous fangirl service. ”
    Y’know, that would’ve made a much more interesting premise for “the Rise of Arsenal”.

  3. @VersasoVantare: http://instantrimshot.com/

  4. @VersasoVantare: Did you just make an erection pun? I’m shocked. Shocked and disappointed. And envious.

  5. I’m afraid so, and I’m terribly sorry.
    Here, have a scan from some homoerotic Nightwing/Arsenal fancomic by way of apology.

    Don’t worry, it’s nothing explicit.

  6. @VersasoVantare: I. That. Who. How . . . I just.


    How does everyone else in the world manage to find random porn? Seriously. David can’t do a google search for ‘aunt may’ without finding it. Okay, yeah, I know there is written stuff, but apparently there is an entire drawn-porn culture that I am just walking past every day.

  7. For my sins, I must confess that I found it on the much maligned 4chan. Its comics and cartoons board is probably one of the site’s more upmarket zones, though it can still be pretty bad at times.

    There’s actually two more scans of that comic that I felt like sharing(don’t worry, neither of them are sexual). The first, because I really like the artist’s rendition of Roy, who looks bigger and more rugged than normal, and who has some quite distinct and oddly appealing body language.
    Huh, my favourite visualisation of Arsenal was by a Japanese porn artist. That’s weird.

    The other page I mostly just like for its adorable Lian cameo.