Now I Need a Place to Hide Away

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Why is this example of chickkissing stuck under one of the sad lines from “Yesterday”? It doesn’t make sense! After all, this panel from Incredible Hercules #141 has everything. Action, adventure, someone being a jerk, and it’s all in a title that is epic, overwhelming silliness. Also, as I said before, chickkissing.

Why, because it’s Marvel, of course!

When I told Gavok about Venus, Aphrodite’s freaky siren copycat who had mind-control love powers that she used on everyone, I did not entirely believe myself. Now I see that it’s true. Too bad he’s such a psychotic jerk (by that I mean Gavok. Gavok is a jerk).

DC, it’s about time you had some crazy, love-power-having bisexual characters blatantly made for rampant and gratuitous fanboy service. Karen and Helena, separately and together, are half-way there already. And they’re good guys! Get on that! I have faith in you!

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15 comments to “Now I Need a Place to Hide Away”

  1. So you were talking with some kind of Mirror-verse clone Gavok? And since this all relates to Esther’s similar post, making out with him? Caressing his evil goatee? Thats kind of freaky…

  2. Turnabout is fair play indeed.

    DC needs to give Russell T Davies (ex-Doctor Who/Torchwood guy) a book like the Outsiders. He’d turn it into a book full of omnisexual deviants in no time!

  3. When does she say “thank you”?

  4. This shit is hot, but where is my last wrestlemania post? Come on man, I’m fiending….

  5. I’m sensing a theme today.

    Don’t give me any hints, I’m sure I’ll figure it out on my own…

  6. You ripped off my bit, Gavok. My vengeance will be swift!

    And, of course, you got it all wrong. All wrong. Karen and Helena? For crying out loud, Terra is *right there* in Karen’s series! She even keeps clothes at Karen’s apartment. It’s canon.

    And what about Babs and Dinah! Babs spent an entire issue trying to keep Dinah from getting married. She talked about how they ‘crazy bonded.’ The two nuzzled each other to near death when Dixon was writing them. DIXON!

    Look at this blog! This very blog! The last fourcast was about Harley and Ivy! You can’t get any slashier. They team up, they wander around wearing only men’s shirts. They SHARE A GODDAMN CELL IN ARKHAM! They are their own little production of Caged Heat. You can’t get slashier.

    Except for Animated Babs and Supergirl, who were last seen both in robes at Babs’ apartment in the Animated series, and then were mentioned in the JL series when Kara went to a ski resort with Babs for Christmas.

    Rose and Thorn.

    Selina and Holly.

    And then, of course, there’s Diana and just about everyone.

    Fire and Ice!

    It just keeps going and you pick Karen and HELENA?

    You have steamed the wrong woman’s asparagus, Mister Marvel. Consider yourself warned.

  7. @Esther Inglis-Arkell: And Zinda and Barda.

  8. @Esther Inglis-Arkell: Cassie and Cissie.

    Stephanie and Cassandra.

    The list goes on! Karen and Helena? You disgust me.

  9. Would it be better if I clarified Earth-2 Karen and Helena?



    Yeah, that was a rather obvious miss there, ‘Vok.

  11. That wouldn’t have worked. They aren’t good guys.

  12. Here, what if it was like, that weird Earth-2 story that DC did a while back where Superman and Batman found themselves trapped in Power Girl and Huntress’ bodies? Or would that be too weird, even for slash?

  13. How about that one earth from that one silver age story where everyone was opposite genders. You could get some pretty good rule 63 action from there.

  14. …aren’t “good guys”? I’m not entirely sure I want to live on a world where Harley and Ivy aren’t considered good guys! Loving the natural green world and the power of laughter…these are the things I try and instill in my child. And you don’t consider them good guys. Bah.

    Would it help if they made out?

  15. It wouldn’t hurt.