Clears Away the Cobwebs and the Sorrow

March 25th, 2010 by | Tags: ,

Power Girl’s cat has been amazing and delighting us for decades.  It is Alfred to her Bruce, chocolate to her peanut butter, Simon to her everyone else on American Idol.  It’s the Candy in her land, the Trivial in her Pursuit, it adds the poly to her Mono.

I could go on.  Trust me.  I love that damn cat.

Here’s hoping the thing is always featured in the many Winnick issues to come.

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8 comments to “Clears Away the Cobwebs and the Sorrow”

  1. Now that you just posted that someone is gonna have her cat disemboweled and crucified so we can have a hardcore vengeance-driven JSA story arc about power Girl not playing by anyone’s rules

  2. @OnimaruXLR: You know, if they’re going to wreck the book, I’d rather see it be a 180 on that level rather than turning to bland generic muck that I might risk picking up a couple more months “in case it gets good again/they just need to find their bearings”.

    Basically what I am saying is sometimes trainwrecks are the best possible scenario.

  3. With every new book I have this tiny hope that the Winnick who wrote “Barry Ween” will be back. It hasn’t happened yet, but that guttering flame of hope is still there…

  4. Sorry, the cat is going to end up getting AIDS and attacked by a group of Anti-Cats hooligans.

  5. That cat is going to become Dexstar and then travel back in time. That’s ragecat, right there.

  6. It just wants its mommy cat to know it keeps a clean anus.

  7. I think that after getting sprayed directly on its anus in that early issue, PG’s cat is going to prove that it has a clean butt from here on out. It was scared into shaping up.

  8. @David Uzumeri: I’m only going to say this one more time. I don’t care what label DC puts on the RageCat. Its name. Is ‘Ruffles’.