Bet your bottom dollar that, tomorrow –

March 15th, 2010 by | Tags: ,

First Wave is exactly what I need right now.  No tragedy porn, no endless continuity, no terrible life-altering baggage; there’s just Doc Savage’s disregard for keeping his nipples covered and Batman’s Fearsome Bat-hug.

I also love that the victim looks about ten times as horrified at Batman saving her than she did when she was being threatened by a man with a rusty knife and poor dental work.

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4 comments to “Bet your bottom dollar that, tomorrow –”

  1. The helpless woman in a Gotham alleyway is getting old, but gotta admit that’s some damned superb artwork!!

  2. Not even Howard Porter can begin to diminish my excitement (no disrespect intenteded but I’m just not feeling him anymore since his injury)

  3. “Bat hug” = awesome.

    That woman looks like she’s being attacked by her doorman… or he’s showing her a nice weapon to use on case a giant bat tackle-hugs you in a dark alley.

  4. So is Batman a cloaker from Dungeons & Dragons in this universe?