Here Comes the Sun?

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This issue of Wonder Woman ends with something I had just about given up on seeing; sunny skies.

I’ve had to gnash my teeth over Wonder Woman for a long time, now.  She’s a character that I should like, but mostly I don’t.  She’s in a world I should like, but mostly I don’t.

When the book gained Gail Simone as a writer, I was absolutely sure I would like the book, and at the beginning I did.  Then came Genocide, and the Nemesis/Wonder Woman break-up and the slaughtering of pregnant women and the crows, and – I picked up some issues, but I kept putting them down.  It was well-written and well-drawn and the character was interesting, but (despite my last entry here) I couldn’t take any more misery.  I wanted Diana to win something; a fight, a game of chess, a church raffle, a free super-sizing of fries with her happy meal.  Anything. 

And now, for the first time, things are looking up for Diana and the rest of the characters of Wonder Woman.  It feels like a break with the past, and a new, more trimphant era beginning.

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6 comments to “Here Comes the Sun?”

  1. Indeed. I hope Simone lays off the mythology aspects (not her strong suit) and sticks with characterization.

  2. @Nathan: And the gay dude romance.

  3. Hm. I wonder if WW would benefit from a Year One series. It seems a lil late for them to try to play the “Amazon in man’s strange world” card, but if they want to preserve that part of the character, a Y1 might do it and help ground the present version.

    Then that present version’s got to be fully fleshed-out, of course, which is our present problem. Dunno how that oughta be, exactly, but I’m still interested in finding out.

    I’ve an idea or two, but I also have about that many marbles rolling around in my head at this hour.


  4. indeed that’s one plotline I’m very interested in reading.

    But really as long as Simone stops writing Ares and Athena, the bettet. she’s proven she has no idea how to write them.

  5. There was a really fun two-parter with Queen of Fables, but other than that Simone’s Wonder Woman has been a series of misses for me.

  6. the ubernerd in me liked that WW’s wrestling costume looked like a Blaziken