The things you learn when you go back through old entries of abandoned communities.

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So, according to Gail Simone, Achilles is gay.  My reactions are as follows:

1.  But Zeus put him in charge of Amazon Island because he wanted the Amazons to lay down their weapons and become wives and mothers.  Is this one of those Greek irony deals, where the gods act like extreme bastards, but in an amusing way?  Telling the Amazons you want them knocked up, and then giving them a gay guy to get the job done, that’s just mean.

2.  And also damn.  I liked how he was in sympathy with the Amazons even as he tried to follow Zeus’s orders.  It would have been interesting if he had developed an actual relationship with one of the Amazons, instead of a marriage of state.

3.  But I suppose there aren’t that many gay guys in DC.

4.  There’s pretty much just him and Obsidian and Creo-

5.  Oh my god, there’s also Creote.

6.  Who is also a Simone creation.

7.  Oh please, Gail.  Give me Creote and Achilles as a couple for Christmas.  I’ve been so good all year long.

8.  For some definitions of good.

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4 comments to “The things you learn when you go back through old entries of abandoned communities.”

  1. heh. and I was just beginning to lose interest in Simone’s run. interesting move

    also are there any other gay men in the DCU aside from them, Mikaal (who is technically just bi), Obsidian and David from Manhunter?

  2. Not abandoned, just moved! –> http://scans_daily.dreamwidth.org

  3. Well, not totally surprising, because the Homerian Achillies was kinda gay. Not in the love and relationship sense, but certainly in the “I’ll do anything pretty with a pulse” sense.

    Of course, this would then divulge into a long discussion about the nature of relationships in Ancient Greece, and how it was perfectly acceptable to be the do’er, but shameful to be the done, and the treatment of relationships that had very little to do with romance as we understand it, and…

    But hey, believable gay characters in comics written by an suthor thta can usually be trusted to handle things tastefully? Awesome!

  4. Akhilleos wasn’t “gay” ie homosexual he was bisexual, if he existed at all, as his source material, you know – the Iliad? Makes clear. Gail Simone: overrated to the extent that she must surely be a green power source for our brave new carbon trading world.

    When writing a book which has unwisely strayed into Ancient Greek mythological territory requiring the research skills of a sixteen year old high school student or someone who watches cartoons for 2 hours a day… DC launches failcopterz.