“I have a few problems, the comic is fine.”

November 20th, 2009 by | Tags: , ,

Tucker Stone, the hands down nicest guy in comics, takes on last month’s books in Advanced Common Sense Episode 6 on comiXology. Click through to see what he has to say, or just press play below. Who knew last month was so awesome?

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8 comments to ““I have a few problems, the comic is fine.””

  1. honestly the guy should scrap the blog and just go all out video. He just seems to get his point across a whole lot better, and personally I get less nerd RAGE from watching his videos than reading his articles and actually listen and give serious thought on a lot of what he says.

    but I digress.

  2. Glad to see a capstone on that Dini-Poison-Ivy-Cactus scene.

  3. Tucker Stone is probably one of the funniest guys with a blog, but his reviews make me feel bad for liking shitty comics.

  4. @Debaser: Just remember, man: it’s okay to like shitty comics, but try not to like shitty comics.

    Like I can talk with some of the shit on my shelf though.

  5. @Debaser: Economist vs Idiot is a hoot

  6. When I read his reviews I imagine them with the Powerthirst advertisment voice.

    Then, hearing the real thing is kind of disappointing.

    Funny stuff, thought.

  7. just occured to me, all he needs is a hat and little yellow animation people and he could be the comics Yahtzee (a video game reviewer who gleefully skewers popular yet not greta games for the Escapist)

  8. meh.