The Losers Film Is Coming

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Andy Diggle and Jock’s The Losers has probably the best last line of any comic ever (if you’ve ever read it, you know it) and the movie drops later this year. MSN has the hookup on a full length trailer, presented here with a tip of the hat to iFanboy, where I watched the footage.

<a href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-us&#038;from=sp&#038;fg=MsnEntertainment_MoviesTrailersGP2_a&#038;vid=1b9d070f-aff2-47f6-8a86-9b2b44ec4fc6" target="_new" title="'The Losers' Exclusive Look">Video: &#8216;The Losers&#8217; Exclusive Look</a>

I like it. It looks great, it feels like the book, it’s well-cast, and it has a good sense of humor, something that The Losers definitely had when it was appropriate. Another thing I really like: they aren’t afraid to step away from the source material to make the movie work. There were a few scenes I didn’t recognize (Aisha in the tub, the Blagyver stuff, Aisha being fairly talky talk) along with a lot that I did (Chris Evans dancing in the elevator, Aisha blowing up the tank). A good comic book movie, even when adapting a specific story (such as 300 or Sin City), includes something new, rather than just being comics turned storyboards turned script turned movie.

Freshen it up some. I loved Sin City, but it is faithful to the point of being annoying. I knew all the twists, I knew all the lines, and while I liked it, it wasn’t as dope as it should have been.

But yeah, back to the point: The Losers. Dope.

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7 comments to “The Losers Film Is Coming”

  1. I’m just glad McG got distracted into being a producer on Human Target so he dropped away from directing it. I mean can you imagine The Losers from the guy who did the Charlie’s Angels movies?


  2. Cool trailer, would have prefered it if Aisha was played by an arabic actress, but I like Saldana enough for it to no bother me much.

  3. It wasn’t your main point, but I disagree with the idea that faithfulness and dopeness are mutually-exclusive in an adaptation or translation. (I realized after having started that you weren’t denying, but qualifying said dopeness.)

    I could see how it could make more viewers happy since a subset of the audience will have read the source material, but I’m think insertions into the interpretation can be/have been both good and bad. I judge them by whether changes or additions were specifically warranted in a given case.

    Watchmen’s biggest change was warranted, imo, so they get points for that. Insertions that are true to the spirit of the source (I feel like I’m getting all New Gods on us, here) can work, too.

    Sin City was the shyt due to its impossible level of faithfulness. Also, I’d never read the book(s), at the time, so I appreciated the faithfulness after-the-fact.

  4. 1 – it looks like a generic action movie trailer by way of a music promo director, and: 2 – the OFFICIAL A-Team movie is already coming out and looks like exactly the same thing, which is arguably not very good timing.

    Sure you recognised every beat of Sin City, but millions more didn’t and it performed admirably at the box office – a hundred thousand people – tops – read the books.
    Losers’ storyline is about as deep as piss on concrete, however, and not much change was necessary, as it is, after all, a comic book that comes with a Hollywood-standard Arabian character already a part of the cast to keep happy those audience members who don’t quite understand that even though the Middle East is mentioned in passing, they’re watching something about men in cowboy hats shooting rockets at each other until something dies and there’s a slight difference in the level of critique that can be brought to bear upon this and the critique levelled at Kenneth Brannagh’s adaptation of Henry V – the St Crispian’s Day speech is just awful in that movie, but Losers looks like it’s trumped it with “Momma didn’t raise no fools!” I know which I think I’m more likely to be hearing in bars, at any rate.

    Losers is already a big dumb action movie on the page and the only storytelling changes necessary should be those that take advantage of the moving picture, and I suspect that may be the case here. One thing Hollywood knows is how to make loud films about things getting shot at, so it’s probably safe to have high hopes of enjoying this if you liked the comic book version.

  5. I know this is a little random, but is it just me or does Jeffrey Dean Morgan looks like Bruce Campbell in that screenshot?

  6. AILoggins: It DOES look like an A-Team flick. I agree.

    PeterV: I absolutely thought that was BC.

  7. Looks fun. I enjoyed the source material enough that it warrants checking out, at the very least.