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When I noticed that last week was so dry in terms of releases, I got the idea of doing “This Year in Panels”, especially since I’ve only covered a fraction of 2009. I suggested the idea to hermanos, who wasn’t a fan because he can’t remember enough of 2009 to come up with a collection of panels. Thanks a lot, pot.

Instead, he suggested we do a lovefest gallery for our favorite covers of the year. I’m easy. Let’s do it.

20th Century Boys v.4
Naoki Urasawa

100 Bullets #100
Dave Johnson

Agents of Atlas #7
Carlo Pagulayan

Amazing Spider-Man #587
John Romita Jr.

Amazing Spider-Man #611
Skottie Young

Anti-Venom: New Ways to Live #3
Mirco Pierfederici

Children of the Sea v.1
Daisuke Igarashi

Criminal: The Sinners #3
Sean Phillips

Dark Avengers #9
Mike Deodato

Deadpool #11
Jason Pearson

Dethklok vs. The Goon
Eric Powell

Ghost Riders: Heaven’s on Fire #1
Jae Lee

Gogo Monster
Taiyo Matsumoto

Green Lantern Corps #43
Patrick Gleason

Hellblazer #262
Simon Bisley

The Hunter
Darwyn Cooke

Incredible Hercules #136
Rafael Alberquerque

Jonah Hex #50
Darwyn Cooke

King City #2
Brandon Graham

King City #3
Marian Churchland

The Mighty #1
Dave Johnson

Pluto v.2
Naoki Urasawa

Power Girl #1
Adam Hughes

Power Girl #7
Amanda Conner

Seaguy #2
Cameron Stewart

Seaguy #3
Cameron Stewart

Spider-Man: Noir #1
Patrick Zircher

Street Fighter Legends: Chun-Li #2
Omar Dogan

Superman/Batman #62
Rafael Albuquerque

Thunderbolts #130
Francesco Mattina

Unknown Soldier #10
Dave Johnson

Unknown Soldier #11
Dave Johnson

War Machine #3
Francesco Mattina

What a Wonderful World! Book One
Inio Asano

Young Liars #17
David Lapham

Young Liars #18
David Lapham

Boy, that’s obvious who chose what.

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7 comments to “Last Year in Covers”

  1. Shocking lack of Detective comics up in this piece, and I know I had a few Batman/Tec covers I dug even before the Batwoman launch.

  2. @taters: Which ones? Comics.org is the easiest way to link them.

  3. Sure. The first Batman of the year (Whatever happened) had three Great covers: http://www.comics.org/issue/567313/cover/4/?style=default

    689 – http://www.comics.org/issue/648362/cover/4/?style=default

    The second printing on ‘Tec 684 was brilliant – http://www.comics.org/issue/535110/cover/4/?style=default (the one without the banner), was was 857 (http://www.comics.org/issue/666798/cover/4/?style=default)

    And of course, Tiny Titans #12, where Doctor Light doesn’t even LOOK like a rapist! http://www.comics.org/issue/558362/cover/4/?style=default

  4. I’m rather a fan of the most recent two Invincible Iron Man covers making up the first two parts of the “Stark: Disassembled” storyline:
    #20 – http://www.comicbookdb.com/graphics/comic_graphics/1/368/186440_20091125090459_large.jpg
    #21 – http://www.comicbookdb.com/graphics/comic_graphics/1/372/187485_20091217204610_large.jpg

    But, yeah, the ASM #611 cover was great. The art currently occupies my rotation of wallpapers.

  5. The Churchland King City is probably my favorite. I’d maybe add Treehouse http://laughingsquid.com/wp-content/uploads/bart-simpsons-treehouse-of-horror-20090622-205933.jpg ?

    jk, Gav. I love all y’all.

    Out of all of these I gotta say the best are any of the Deadpool ones.

  7. Great selection

    also as much as I’d love to see Johnson do interior work he’s just such an awesome cover artist, almost all his covers for Unknown Soldier, Punisher, 100 Bullets and Mighty deserve to be collected they’re that good.