Oh, Grant. Thou hast cleft my heart in twain.

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Greame McMillan at Io9, has quoted Grant Morrison as revealing that the Pirate Batman we saw was only concept art, and not the center of a story. 

I’m heartbroken.  That art was incredible.  Batman, staring out of the page, daring you to make fun of his puffy shirt-cuffs and tri-corner hat.


But I can let that go.  I can let everything go.  It’s funny, the persistence of hope.  Even now that I know there’s no chance, some part of me cradles the flickering hope that Batmanderthal will be in the comics.  I don’t know how he would go about serving justice pre-bronze age, but I know it would be fantastic.

Just concept art?  Say it ain’t so, DC.  Say it ain’t so.

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7 comments to “Oh, Grant. Thou hast cleft my heart in twain.”

  1. at least you can buy the action figure.
    from 1995.

  2. @edc: *sniff*

  3. well Morrison is the kind of guy who adds stuff to his story to match the artist he’s working with

    so all hope isn’t lost.

  4. I still want to see my vision of a powdered wig-wearing Batman come to pass.

  5. @Munch: That’s beautiful and terrifying.

  6. @Esther Inglis-Arkell:
    oh, it gets better.

  7. @edc: Modern Batman actually did Pirate Batman one better by *punching* a shark, once.