“Every time he come around your city…”

January 22nd, 2010 by | Tags: , ,

Marvel recently released the Deadpool variant cover to Siege #3, the one that’s tied to their promotion involving Blackest Night covers. Here it is:

Never change, Marvel.

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12 comments to ““Every time he come around your city…””

  1. Why is he claiming West Side? Is he from Cali? I thought he was from Canada or something.

  2. @Ken Kneisel: Aw Ken, you know that westside is the favored hand sign of corny white dudes everywhere! If he were dead, Tupac would be rolling in his grave!

  3. Good point!

  4. Maybe he’s from Toronto? Is Canadian West Side different from American?

  5. From the looks of that cap, it’s Ali G in Da House!

  6. @Ken Kneisel: “Why do you think they call me Dr. Voodoo?”

    “Um, I thought it was just a nickname. Y’know, like Dr. Dre… ‘Westsiiiide!'”

    “…….God, you’re an idiot.”

  7. Damn, Gav you just won the internet for the day.

  8. I wish there was I way I could high five through a monitor

  9. Yeah, that looks poo.

    Haha, my eloquence knows no bounds!

  10. @lurkerwithout: Actually he’d probably more likely be from somewhere in BC if WESTSIIIIIIDEEE is legit.

  11. Please note: “WESTSIIIIIIDEEE” is properly pronounced only if the I sound converts from “aye” to “ee” partway through

  12. It’s Ali G. You know, the same guy who plays Borat and Bruno.