Batgirl Flashback: No Wire Hangers

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An oldie but a goodie. In honor of our Batgirl-centric fourcast and Esther’s latest Batgirl play-by-play, I wanted to post one of my favorite sequences from Batgirl: Death Wish.

A bit of context: one year ago, Batgirl lost the use of her pattern-recognition skills due to some ill-timed telepathic mental adjustment. To repair this flaw, she sought out and fought Lady Shiva. In exchange for fixing her, Shiva demanded one thing: a fight to the death one year in the future. Batgirl, when faced with a choice of being mediocre for a lifetime or the greatest for a year, took her challenge, was healed, and threw herself into her Bat-persona. She stopped crimes, ignored her social life, and rose to Olympian heights. And now, one year after her rebirth, she must face Lady Shiva and die.

Words by Kelley Puckett, art by Daimon Scott. Pages 7, 8, and 11 are my favorite. Great storytelling, choreo, and layout.


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7 comments to “Batgirl Flashback: No Wire Hangers”

  1. The days when DC’s big franchises weren’t whites-only preserves are much missed.

  2. Damn that comic was good. Too bad DC ruins everything good.

  3. […] Wow, remember when Batgirl comics used to be awesome?: The gang at 4th Letter does. […]

  4. puckett & scott were an excellent team. if they’d been on something more high profile they’d both be stars. as it is, they’re off doing something better with their time than comics (I think and/or at least mostly); our loss. I did buy the raven mini scott did, but I haven’t read it yet

  5. @AlLoggins:

    I like this, a few years back people were complaining about DC going diverse, now it’s a whites only preserve.

  6. @Howard: I wasn’t one of them.

    Your point?

  7. Hmm, the repeat use of the Rising Sun motif seems strange, considering neither character is Japanese…

    Also: what do Thugees and the Yin/Yang (pg. 4) have in common? Not a lot!