Fourcast! 10: “I Can Make Human Words Around Gail Simone And I Have Proof: The Explosive Audio Interview.”

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It’s our tenth fourcast and the last from San Diego Comic-Con 2009. As befitting an event of this magnitude, we’ve got a couple of guests.

-Esther hits us with an introduction
-6th Sense’s 4a.m. Instrumental is our theme music
-Esther chats with Gail Simone about Wonder Woman, Secret Six, and other things for about ten minutes
-David talks to Graeme “iam and io9” McMillan for about twenty minutes, mulling over everything under the sun
-I came this close to taking Graeme’s “Prrrr… sexy” and turning it into a ringtone to put up on the site. Just FYI.

Next week, we’re back to our usual format.

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2 comments to “Fourcast! 10: “I Can Make Human Words Around Gail Simone And I Have Proof: The Explosive Audio Interview.””

  1. Ah, very good, a new podcast. I’ll need to as many of those on my iPod as I can find for my upcoming 10+ hour flight from Amsterdam to San Fransisco.

  2. Heeeeey, sweet, I guess I wasn’t the only person at DC Nation who gave a shit about Milestone. (Yeah, big surprise I was the one asking “why did you make this Static trade retarded” at the panel.) Graeme was a little off in remembering it. They said they were gonna do at least one more Static trade, one each solicited (“so far”) for Icon/Hardware, those two will probably be another “best of” by the Milestone editors, like this first Static one.

    And now that I’m a week late on listening to this nobody will ever see this comment! Wonderful.